Protect My Order

ProtectMyOrder gives peace of mind when ordering online, as we know delivery doesn't always go as planned. Delivery problems can ruin the whole online shopping experience, but it doesn't need to!

For a very small additional fee at checkout, get peace of mind in the following circumstances when ordering online:

  • Theft/mis-delivered - if the tracking shows as delivered but you haven't got it, we will resend or refund within 3 working days
  • Damage during transit - If the item arrives damaged or marked we will offer a solution quickly
  • Loss during delivery - If your parcel gets stuck on tracking for more than 7 workings days we will resend or refund

If something does go wrong with your delivery we will prioritise resolving your query.

Simply get in touch with our customer service team  and we'll raise an investigation and find you a solution quickly.

The service provided above is in addition to those that you already receive as standard. The following should be treated as part of the services as set out in our standard terms and conditions, and shall be deemed upon payment of the additional fee to form part of our contract.

This is in alignment with our terms and conditions.

Why Use Protect My Order?
  • Guaranteed Safe Delivery.

  • If anything goes wrong with your delivery, you are guaranteed either a reship or a refund.

  • Hassle-Free Resolution.

  • Quickly resolve shipping issues with just a few clicks.
What should I do if my delivery is missing?

If your parcel hasn't arrived and the tracking hasn't updated for more than {fill in} days, we'll either resend or refund the item. Please contact our customer service team using the provided form.

What should I do if my item is damaged?

If your item arrives damaged and you've opted for ProtectMyOrder, we'll promptly provide a solution. Please contact our customer service team using the provided form.