Rugs & Runners

Transform your floor into a canvas of sophistication with Olivia's Rugs. Our collection ranges from the understated elegance of black designer rugs to the vibrant dynamism of contemporary rugs. Crafted for the discerning eye, our luxury rugs bring together the best of craftsmanship and design.  

Embrace the timeless combination of black and cream rugs, or add a touch of artistry to your space with abstract rugs that showcase unique geometric patterns. We have curated a wide selection of designs and colours, including blue designer rugs that bring a calming aura to any room, round rug designs that infuse a touch of playfulness, and modern designer rugs in bold hues that make a statement. 

Our accent rugs are perfect for adding a pop of colour and texture to any space. Whether you're seeking the perfect bedroom rugs, kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs, living room rugs or even outdoor rugs - you'll find the ideal piece to elevate your decor here. 

Explore our collection now and discover the perfect area rugs to complete your interior design vision.