8 Home Office Design Tips

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, creating a functional home office space has become more crucial than ever. No longer confined to makeshift spaces born of necessity, the modern home office is a reflection of productivity and comfort.

According to a recent report, 38% of homeowners have embraced the shift towards a permanent home office setup. Yet, the process of transforming a space into a truly functional workspace involves more than just purchasing a desk. Here at Olivia's, we understand the importance of a well-designed home office. So with that being said, here are eight invaluable tips to help you create a workspace that not only alleviates household distractions, but also elevates your work-from-home experience. So settle in and get comfortable as we unveil the secrets to elevate your office space.

1. Desk First 

Firstly, when setting up your home office, we all know that the desk takes centre stage. It is the anchor of your workspace, the piece of furniture where you'll spend the majority of your day, and so selecting the right desk is crucial. Even in limited spaces, choosing a desk that doubles as a beautiful piece of furniture can transform your work area into an inspiring haven. The aesthetic appeal of your desk goes beyond mere functionality; it contributes to the overall ambiance of your workspace, making it a place you look forward to spending your days.

In cases where your work area is integrated into another room, the ability to clear everything away at the end of the day becomes essential for your overall well-being. This is where the concept of hidden desk ideas comes into play, offering innovative solutions to maintain a tidy and organised space. As Olivia understands, a desk is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a statement that sets the tone for your entire home office. Explore our curated selection of desks that seamlessly blend form and function, ensuring that your workspace not only meets your practical needs but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.


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Our Top Picks

The Asher 3 Drawer Metal Desk, clad in sleek black metal, effortlessly integrates into any home or office interior with its iconic design. Gillmore Federico Black Stained Oak exudes simple elegance, serving as the perfect finishing touch for a uniquely refined study. Meanwhile, Olivia's Nordic Living Collection introduces the Lee Desk Table, a contemporary choice ideal for offices or multi-functional living spaces. With clean lines and modern design, the Lee Desk offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, bringing a touch of Nordic-inspired charm to your workspace. Explore these top picks and elevate your home office with pieces that not only meet practical needs but also add character to your work environment.

2. Incorporate Storage Solutions

In the quest for a well-organised and aesthetically pleasing home office, the importance of thoughtful storage solutions cannot be overstated. Opting for the right shelving not only provides a dedicated space for books, files, and folders, but also offers an opportunity to showcase decorative ornamental pieces, infusing your workspace with both style and function. Enhance the ambiance of your office by introducing plants, seamlessly bringing a touch of nature indoors amidst your busy workday.

For those engaged in arts and crafts, creating a studio-like workspace requires a customisable open shelving system. This ingenious solution allows you to adapt the storage layout to your specific needs, ensuring all your materials are easily accessible as you immerse yourself in the creative process. Say goodbye to the frustration of rummaging through drawers and boxes to find the right tool while your creative juices are flowing. With well-designed storage solutions, you not only optimise your workflow but also create a visually pleasing and functional environment that enhances both productivity and creativity in your home office.

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Our Top Picks

The portable and incredibly flexible Olivia's Nordic Living Collection - Shelby Shelf is a perfect addition to any home office. Make a bold statement with the Richmond Interiors Gaby Storage Box, crafted from glossy gold metal. For a charming desktop storage solution, consider the Gallery Interiors Set of 3 Boels Mini Wire, featuring cute handmade baskets. Elevate your space with these curated selections designed to enhance both style and organisation.

3. Your Workspace Should be Inspiring

At Olivia's our focus is providing you with the tools to create a workspace that not only enhances your productivity, but also adds a touch of inspiration to your daily routine. We understand that a visually appealing work environment can greatly improve your overall well-being, and that is why we encourage the incorporation of carefully chosen pieces that genuinely inspire you. Whether it's postcards from your favourite places, a mood board capturing your aspirations, or selectively chosen prints and patterns, our curated selection of goods is designed to bring your home office to life. Remember, finding the right balance is crucial – avoid overwhelming clutter to maintain a clear and focused mindset. Embrace the philosophy of "less is more”.

Our Top Picks

The Libra Marble Effect Glass Wall Art Blue Black And Gold is a visual masterpiece, blending billowing colours to create a moody and intriguing abstract art piece that promises to enliven any wall in your home. Illuminate your surroundings with a touch of elegance using the Gallery Interiors Set of 3 Stresa Asstd Tealight Holder. The intricate ridged design of these tealight holders adds a beautiful and captivating effect when a lit tea light graces the holder, creating a warm and sophisticated ambiance. Preserve your cherished memories in the Gallery Interiors Sonam Photo Frame, a classic rectangular frame finished in antique brass, imparting a touch of traditional class to your photographs. Each of these carefully curated selections is designed to seamlessly blend style and sophistication, elevating your home decor to new heights.

4. Consider the Colour

When it comes to selecting colours for your office space, it's crucial to be mindful, considering the profound impact they can have on both your surroundings and your well-being. Take, for instance, the dynamic spectrum of blues – a strong blue encourages clear thinking, while softer shades work harmoniously to instil a sense of calm and enhance concentration. The allure of a brighter palette, with shades like yellow and orange, is undeniable, invoking creativity and energy. However, it's wise to exercise moderation, as an excessive burst of these hues may unintentionally evoke nervousness.

For those seeking a balanced approach, a soft green emerges as a delightful compromise. In the realm of colour psychology, green is synonymous with balance and harmony, seamlessly bridging the gap between the invigorating warmth of certain colours and the soothing cool tones. On the flip side, darker colours often allure individuals with their stylish appearance, yet they may lack the stimulating qualities necessary for sustained motivation, potentially leading to fatigue.

At Olivia's, our main advice is to keep your space light and airy. Still, we encourage injecting a burst of creativity by painting one wall with a bolder colour to add interest. Alternatively, a neutral to almost white palette remains a safe option, offering versatility for changing accessories as trends evolve in the dynamic world of interior design. Choose colours that resonate with your style, ensuring a harmonious and inspiring atmosphere in your living or working space.

Our Top Picks

Consider enhancing your workspace with a touch of vibrancy by choosing our Gallery Interiors Murray Velvet Chair in Pink. This armchair not only adds a pop of pink but also brings elegance to your space with its refined velvet fabric upholstery and sturdy construction, making it a true statement piece. Illuminate your surroundings with our recommended Elstead Provence 1 Light Table Lamp Polished Copper, featuring a stunning copper finish and an angle poise design that exudes both elegance and opulence. Rug enthusiasts, we have just the thing for you – the Asiatic Carpets Milo Table Tufted Rug Rust, with its lustrous rust-orange hue, adding that extra layer of drama to maximalist décor schemes while infusing a cosy vibe into your space. After all, who can resist the allure of cosiness during those dedicated work hours? Let's be real, online work meetings from home are basically a style mullet: business on top, comfy PJ bottoms and slippers on the bottom. We're all guilty of the half-dressed hustle!

5. Look at the Lighting

People may often overlook the impact that lighting can have on a space and just how it can transform your home office into a lavish haven, rather than a typical work setup. Explore the diverse lighting options within Olivia's collection, where the possibilities are endless. From elegant pendants and chandeliers to versatile table lights, wall lights, and bookshelf lighting, you have a myriad of styles to complement your space. However, while focusing on aesthetics, you must not overlook the importance of practicality. You can opt for a modern touch with a cordless, battery-operated lamp that offers both mobility and functionality, allowing you to easily adjust the lighting proximity to your desk. This contemporary solution adds a touch of practical elegance to your office space.

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Our Top Picks

Elevate your home with our top selections. The Elstead Franklin 1 Light Table Lamp adds a touch of vintage charm, making it an ideal addition to your home office or living space. For a sleek and contemporary statement, consider the Olivia's Neola Desk Lamp in a stylish brass finish. Embrace modern design with the Olivia's Celia Floor Lamp, featuring a simple and slim design that minimises clutter while maximising natural light in your space.

6. Mixing the Old With the New

There's a saying ‘Mixing the old with the new’ and despite this saying not originally being associated with home interiors it sure is now. We think marrying vintage pieces with modern ones can create a beautifully rustic and 'lived-in' look which can add a unique touch to your space, because who doesn't want to stand out and be different. 

We believe that the harmonious blend of vintage and modern elements lends a warm and lived-in quality to a home. To achieve this, it's paramount to allow prominent antiques, be it a desk or a chair, to take centre stage. Breathing new life into old-school pieces, when needed, through methods like reupholstering or revarnishing, ensures that each item contributes to the overall ambiance, adding a touch of character and history to the living space.

Our Top Picks

Consider the Olivias Grafton Black Desk as your perfect desk choice, seamlessly blending traditional charm with modern elegance. with its  black silhouette and slate grey frame, accompanied by three spacious drawers for maximal storage it really offers a contemporary twist on classic design. The inclusion of curved handles adds a touch of vintage and traditional style, ensuring a tasteful fusion that enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The Tom Dixon Melt Table Light is the perfect approach for that touch of modern minimalism with its beautifully distorted lighting globe that creates a mesmerising melting hot-blown glass effect which will definitely give that modern edge to your office. We think the Theodore Alexander Prevail Executive Desk Chair seamlessly blends traditional elegance with modern functionality, featuring an arched upholstered back and a snug seat. The chair further enhances its contemporary appeal with an adjustable matt black steel base equipped with castors.

7. Choose a Good Chair

The chair, a cornerstone of any office, holds the essence of where you'll spend the majority of your time. It deserves careful consideration. Instead of settling for the mundane office chair, let's elevate the aesthetic. Choose a chair that harmonises with the overall style of your room's furniture, adding a touch of sophistication to your workspace. Prioritise comfort; after all, it's where you'll navigate through those extended work hours. Opt for a swivel design, bringing in practicality to tailor the chair's height to your preference. The best office chair isn't merely a piece of furniture; it's a strategic investment in comfort and style. With a diverse array of ergonomically designed options available online, finding the ideal chair to complement your functional and sophisticated workspace is an exploration worth undertaking.

Our Top Picks

Elevate your home office with Gallery Interiors' exquisite chair collection. The Faraday Swivel Chair, a masterpiece of stylish design, seamlessly combines comfort and practicality, making it the perfect addition to your workspace. Meanwhile, the Murray Velvet Chair boasts refined elegance, offering both comfort and style in luxurious fashion. The plush vibrant green fabric adds a touch of opulence, transforming any space into a haven of sophistication. For a simple yet elegant option, the Curie Swivel Chair is the ideal fit for any home office. Its timeless design effortlessly blends with various decor styles, ensuring a harmonious and chic atmosphere in your workspace. Explore these Gallery Interiors chairs to curate a home office that is not only functional but also a stylish sanctuary.

8. Incorporate Natural Elements

In our quest to create serene and inspiring spaces, we adore infusing natural elements that not only evoke a sense of calm but also fuel creativity. Consider embracing the synergy of leafy greenery and potted plants paired with wooden furniture pieces. Open wall shelving becomes the perfect canvas for your indoor plants to flourish, adding a touch of nature to your work space. Elevate the natural ambiance by incorporating earthenware pottery and ceramics on exposed shelves, experimenting with various textures. For those not keen on indoor plants, introduce a burst of colour and texture with an array of dried flowers. This strategy provides a delightful compromise, ensuring that your workspace exudes a natural and invigorating vibe, tailored to your unique preferences.

Our Top Picks

Discover our top picks to infuse your space with a natural allure. First on the list is the Gallery Interiors Hanging Senecio with Cement Pot, a delightful way to bring nature indoors. Suspended in a cement pot, this senecio adds a touch of greenery that effortlessly enhances your living spaces. Next, we have the Gallery Interiors Clark Dried Reed Grass Bundle, a stunning arrangement crafted from naturally dried reed grasses. Elevate your decor by placing it in a tall statement vase or a chic ceramic jug. Lastly, for those seeking low-maintenance elegance, consider Olivia's Faux Orchid. This artificial beauty is showcased in a smooth white ceramic bowl, its lifelike appearance maintained by iron wire-infused stems. With these top picks, you can seamlessly incorporate the beauty of nature into your home, adding a touch of freshness and sophistication to your living spaces.

Balancing Productivity and Personal Preference in Your Home Office Design

In the evolving landscape of remote work, crafting the perfect home office is not just a luxury but a necessity. Navigating the challenges of working from home becomes notably more manageable with a thoughtfully designed workspace. It becomes the sanctuary where productivity flourishes, seamlessly blending the professional with the personal within the comfort of your home. As you embark on the journey of creating your ideal home office, always keep the purpose of the space in mind.

Striking the right balance between a design that fosters productivity and one that resonates with your personal preferences is the key. Your home office is not merely a functional space; it's a reflection of your work style and personal taste. So, let your creativity thrive, embrace the practicality, and curate a workspace that not only boosts your efficiency but also celebrates your unique flair. In this harmonious blend of productivity and personal touch, you'll find the perfect equilibrium for a home office that truly works for you.