Create Your Scandi Life

Scandinavian interior design draws influence from the simplistic style of Scandinavian living. A growing trend over the past few years, Scandi interior design is all about utilising simplicity and minimalism to create an inviting, cosy ambience. It draws hugely on the concept of 'hygge' living, a Danish idea of feeling content and enjoying the simple, everyday pleasures in life. This simplicity is a key part of Scandi home decor.

One of the key concepts involves the use of textures to create that cosy feel. This may mean investing in a few of our fluffy throws, lined curtains or plush cushions to create warmth, comfort and opulence within a bedroom or living space. Layering textures together is another great way to achieve this simple, Scandi trend so don't be afraid to go wild with the blankets, duvets and pillows alongside your Scandi bedroom furniture. In addition to the literal layering of fabrics, you may also find that styles are layered too. This means a range of different aesthetics from different periods which have little in common yet all somehow seem to 'go' together. Once again, this adds to that cosy, homely feel that is so important within Scandi living.

Natural, clean hues are also a major theme within Scandinavian living. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have found a new affinity with nature and warm, natural tones such as earthy shades are key in any Scandi living space. Clean, crispness is also a theme so consider bright whites and lots of natural light to further exemplify this style. You may also wish to add some warm, wooden Scandi bedroom or living room furniture such as beech and oak which helps to continue with the light, bright, natural aesthetic.

The contrast between minimalist and modern with natural and cosy may seem striking but in fact, the two can be juxtapositioned with outstanding results. Scandi interior design does this a great deal. For example, the stark contrast between a bright white room and a dark ornate table or bookshelf adds a stark, eye-catching contrast. It teaches us that things don't have to be perfectly, painstakingly paired to make a comfortable, stylish living space.