Modern & Contemporary Vases

At Olivia's, we know that decorative vases have long been a statement piece in the home. This is why we continue to offer the most beautiful and modern vases on the market, from designer brands such as Gallery Direct and Libra. Fill your designer vase with one of our stunning indoor faux plants or flower arrangements and place it in an empty space to create calm and ambience in your home.

Designer vases are one of the most versatile home decor pieces, adding style to any surface in the home, whether you choose to fill with flowers or leave alone as a statement piece. At Olivia’s, our current collection of contemporary and designer vases includes styles to suit all home styles, from minimalist silhouettes to striking, bold designs. Choose from an array of modern materials, including glass and stoneware vases in an array of colours, as well as a choice of short or tall floor vases to add a variety of heights to your decor arrangement. Our collection of unusual and designer vases also includes our best selling body vases, inspired by the female form, they’re a wonderfully quirky design that captures the current trend for minimalism with personality.

Get inspired by our collection of vintage and luxury vases at Olivia’s today and find the right piece to suit your home style. For more must-have decor, why not take a look at our range of decorative bowls and faux plants and indoor planters?