Modern Bookcases & Shelving

Shelving and bookcases offer plenty of practical options, but it’s important to remember that they also impact the aesthetics of a room too. With this in mind, investing in modern shelves and bookcases is a must for any style-conscious homeowner. Here at Olivia’s, you’ll discover a range of wall mounted shelves, open shelving units and contemporary bookcases that look great and solve storage issues too.

Open shelving units are ideal for contemporary spaces, offering both practical storage and space to display decorative items. Our range of designer shelving units at Olivia’s is designed to work perfectly with your existing furniture to add modern style to your home. Choose from classic modular shelving units to build your own bespoke concept, or add a statement designer bookshelf to your space to immediately draw the eye.

Our range includes everything from luxurious gold shelving units, ideal for those looking to add glamour or evoke iconic art-deco vibes in a living area. Our antique style shelving units blend perfectly in an industrial or English Heritage inspired home, whilst a wooden display unit is a stunning choice for those looking to add warmth and style to a space.

An open shelving unit is designed to showcase your favourite decorative pieces, so it’s important that you create a unique display rather than just filling the shelves with clutter. These modern and contemporary shelving units are ideal for displaying houseplants, candles, vases, photo frames or even used as bookshelves. Ensure you have a wide variety of items in different sizes, heights, textures and shapes to bring personality to your display.

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