Create Your Maximalist Life

Maximlism decor is flamboyant. It is fun. It is the art of perfectly showcasing the styles and objects that you love, but in a way that doesn't appear cluttered. First emerging in the 1960s, the style is making a rapid comeback as more people move away from the minimalist "show-home" look, preferring to live in a home that feels like theirs. It is important to note that maximalism interior design is not about filling your home with clutter, or mixing styles and patterns for the sake of it. Rather, it is following through with a deep, primal instinct to make your home yours. To give each room a purpose and to breathe in colour and life.

To bring maximalism interior design into your home, you have to be bold. You have to know what you like - and build on it. Choose a primary colour which will flow throughout the space, be creative with different hues, contrasts and complementing colours and we always recommend adding a few "grounding" pieces such as wood or marble tables to provide a break from the other bold patterns and colours.

True maximalism home decor aims to leave no space empty so when planning your space, understanding its purpose will help you to decide what items you must have, where they should be sited, and to subsequently add to them with things that are personal to you. Paintings, photographs, trophies, and vases - all of these are valid and perfect examples of things that take maximalist decorating and elevate it to personal decorating, truly making your house a home.

If you have personal items or collections to display, finding the right furniture to show them off is crucial. You don't want your objets overshadowed by their display cabinet and the right type of lighting will highlight and accentuate exactly as you need it to if the room is properly planned out.

When planning your maximalism interior design, don't forget texture! It is just as important as colour and personalisation because, without texture, the space will still feel cold. A warm, patterned rug on the floor by the fireplace, a soft and bright throw over the sofa, playful, tassled cushions on a bed. All of these items and more can be used to great effect to personalise your space, add homely touches and bring the space together in a coherent manner. Whilst the look may be chaos to others, it should always be comfort to you.