Modern Desks & Desk Chairs

Whether part of your home office, games room or drawing room, home desks have the uncanny ability to transform a room into a valuable and incredibly usable space. With Olivia’s modern office desks and chairs, not only will you inject practicality into your interior, but you’re investing in one of our solid luxury home office desks that are designed to stand the test of time.

Your home office desk and chair is much more than somewhere to place your laptop or computer. The right computer desk and chair for the home must align fully with your everyday needs, whether it’s acting as a multifunctional piece of furniture, providing much-needed storage or simply providing a comfortable place for you to work. At Olivia’s, our collection of modern home office desks and chairs combines style with functionality, letting you get on with the task at hand without compromise. Whether you need a small home office desk and chair to fit into a bedroom, living area or dining room, or you have a dedicated office space to decorate, here’s what you should look for when choosing the right desk and desk chair.

The first thing to consider is the amount of surface space you need on your home office desk. Do you typically work with just a laptop, or do you need to consider additional equipment? A cluttered computer desk leads to a cluttered mind, so you must take into account your work style before purchasing your home desk and chair. If you have no choice but to go for a small home office desk, consider looking for possible storage solutions to go with it, or you can invest in one of our office desks with built in storage.

When you consider how much time is spent at a desk, it’s important to keep comfort in mind at all times. Your home office or living room desk and chair should align with your height with plenty of space to position your screen or monitor roughly 20 inches away from you. Ensure you have plenty of room underneath your desk to stretch out; our stylish open frame desks are a great way to combine comfort and style.

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