Create Your Luxe Life

Elegant, glamorous and sophisticated, luxe style interior design is all about attention to detail. Shiny metals, cool marble, reflective surfaces and silky fabrics all help to capture this stunning interior style.

Luxe homes are light and airy and feature a pared-back elegance. They are uncluttered without being cold and minimalist but also know how to make a statement with a few key oversized features such as a huge, padded headboard or a large crystal chandelier.

Luxe home interiors are a 21st century update on the Hollywood Regency style, made popular in roaring 1920s America. Luxe home decor styling borrows from the Hollywood Regency penchant for glamour and lavishness but does it with a rather more muted colour palette, redolent with luxury and comfort.

Mirrored and metallic finishes are a major part of luxe home interiors. Choose furniture with high-shine mirrored surfaces, such as bedside tables or dressing tables, in addition to side tables and consoles with high shine metal frames or stud detailing. Look for opportunities to create symmetry with your furniture, for example, two accent chairs separated by a side table in the lounge, or an oversized headboard flanked by mirrored bedside tables. Marble is another key material in the luxe home decor style. Its cool, contemporary feel is effortlessly stylish and luxurious. Use it on bathroom walls or kitchen surfaces to perfectly capture the trend in these rooms.

No luxe style home is complete without a mirror in every room. Mirrors can add more light to a room, often key in creating a luxe feel, as well as a feeling of depth and extra space. Use them in the lounge, study, hallway, bedroom - anywhere you have wall space. Select mirrors with polished or metallic frames to really capture the look.

Textiles in the luxe home interiors style are, of course, rich and sumptuous. Look for chairs and sofas upholstered in plush velvet. Use an assortment of neutral or silver-toned throw cushions on beds and sofas to create a luxe feel but look for shinier fabrics such as silk and satin to create understated elegance. Layer different soft furnishings such as curtains and cushions in satin, velvet, chenille and silk to create a feeling of opulence.

Luxe style accessories also continue the theme of mirrors and precious metals. A luxe home will not be cluttered with accessories but will display a few carefully chosen pieces with mirrored or sparkle detail and made from materials such as polished silver or the ultimate luxe material, gold.

A luxe interior style is perfect for those who like the finer things in life and want their home to reflect that too.