Luxury Faux Flowers & Plants

Let's face it, keeping indoor plants alive is a chore. So if you're looking to dress up your home with minimal effort, luxury faux flowers and plants are the perfect solution. Brighten up your home with artificial pampas grass, fern or hydrangea that require no watering or maintenance. Complete the look with a stunning vase or mirrored tray for a look to impress your guests.

Artificial plants and flowers are a fantastic addition to any home, adding the illusion of greenery without the commitment. At Olivia’s, our range of faux plants and flowers offers the very best in plastic plants and faux-liage, as well as the matching faux plant pots you need to complete your artificial display. Whether you're looking for tall artificial plants or smaller faux flowers, we have everything you need.

Faux plants and flowers are incredibly easy to look after, and aside from a light clean every so often, you really don’t need to worry about maintenance or caring for your plants. Our collection of faux plant and flowers includes incredibly realistic artificial plants designed to look and feel like the real thing. The incredibly natural appearance of our faux plants and foliage will ensure that they blend perfectly with any natural plants that you have and give the impression of capable green fingers! Artificial flowers and plants for decoration are an excellent investment for any home as they won’t wilt or die, they’re also not reliant on any specially tailored conditions in the home. Our faux plants look stunning placed on display units, wall shelves and console tables, adding a splash of greenery that works perfectly with any contemporary decor style. With everything from faux monstera plants to faux bamboo and faux cactus plants to choose from, you can create a tropical haven in the home without worrying about mess or upkeep.

Shop the complete collection of luxury faux plant and flowers at Olivia’s today for must-have faux-liage inspiration.