Create Your Boho Life

Bohemian, free and spiritual, the Boho interior design trend takes note from all colours, textures and shapes. There are no rules.

Bohemian interiors have long been a popular option for our homes although in a post-Covid world, we're seeing the style evolve. Aesthetics were big for a long time and now that we have all spent so much time at home, functionality is just as much a priority for our space now. Thankfully, the two go hand in hand.

One of the biggest updates is to add some luxury to boho interiors. Neutrals are popular around the world and now boho home decor is going to take that to the next level with layering and mixing up with textures that make the space - be that a bedroom or living room - warm and inviting.

The spaces are somewhere we want to spend time and relax. Whites and creams are big, provided that they are layered with alabaster, taupe and mushroom shades.

True luxury is all about the little things. We're thinking deep pile rugs and throws with a chunky knit. You want a sofa or a bed that you just want to sink into and don't want to move from. Whether you choose a minimalist or maximalist feel, you'll need to ensure there is enough storage in your space. As the saying goes, a place for everything and everything in its place.

Paint is good, wallpaper can add some personality, but the big trend for boho interiors this year is for murals. No longer just for nurseries and children's rooms, grown-up murals are making their way into our living space. They are a creative way to add a striking feature wall, which can the inspire the colours and the mood for the rest of the décor.

One of the best things about adopting boho style decor for your home is that 'perfect' is too much. The look isn't about one-dimensional space, it's about adding soul and reflecting the personality of the people that live there. Think about all the senses and don't forget your outside space; gardens have become much more important as we've spent more time at home and there is a trend for bridging outside and inside. Colours are important here, so consider shades found in nature; forest greens, sky blues, and stones and terracottas.

Bohemian interior design is a classic style that can be updated to grow with you as your tastes change, so a few simple tweaks can keep your interiors right up to date.