Modern Desk & Table Lamps

Elevate and illuminate your home with Olivia's collection of luxury desk and table lamps. Our carefully curated range is designed to offer something for all home styles, whether you’re looking for something timeless and traditional or want a statement piece to brighten up your space. Each of our designer table and desk lamps brings elegance and style to the home, place on a side table to create a focal point in a lounge or hallway, or add them to a bedside table to bring glamour to the boudoir. Whether you're looking for a luxury gold table lamp or a black table lamp, our collection is sure to impress.
At Olivia’s our contemporary and designer table lamps bring a myriad of on-trend styles together, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home. Browse the full collection today.

Table and desk lamps are an essential part of any modern lighting concept, whether you’re looking to bring statement lighting to a hallway or living room or bring an intimate, warm glow to a bedroom. At Olivia’s, our vintage table and desk lamps combine function with style, with various materials and styles to choose from.

When choosing the right table or desk lamp for your home, the first thing to consider is what style will suit your space. The classic gourd shape table lamp is a versatile choice for any home style, whether you keep it neutral with a light coloured shade or go bold with modern metallics. For those looking for an authentic statement piece, opt for sculptural table lamp styles to elevate your decor. Sleek industrial table lamps with exposed bulbs are a real talking point and look exceptional in modern homes.

Placement is another essential element when finding the right table or desk lamp. Due to the versatile nature of these luxury table lamps, they can be placed anywhere there is surface space; however, there are ways to really get the most out of your chosen style. For hallways, place a modern table lamp on a console table in the entrance; this provides ambient lighting for you and your guests as you step into the home. Table or desk lamps for living rooms should be placed on side tables at eye level for optimal use. Whether it's a large or small table lamp, they will create attractive, warm pools of light and create intimacy in seating areas when set like this. For the bedroom, opt for bedside table lamps that are compact, ideally with elements of metallics to create a romantic glow in your room.

Our table and desk lighting collection showcases some of the latest designs from leading home interior brands, including Gallery Direct, Heathfield & Co and RV Astley. Discover the full range and create your complete lighting concept by taking a look at our floor lamp and ceiling light collection.