Create Your Mid Century Modern Life

Mid-century modern furniture is proof that everything comes back into style if you only wait. Drawing inspiration from the post-war era through to the 1960s, mid century modern interior design brings a comforting sense of familiarity. An iconic period when homeownership and personalisation were in a boom period, this is a style that remains influential.

At the close of WWII, there was a boom in population, with many young families setting in the suburbs and making new homes their own. With peace bringing an interest in design and manufacturing peaking, this was a time when homes became more of an expression of the individual family.

This led to homes with more windows, inviting in the light and furnished to create spaces that brought people together. Mid-century modern furniture and decor is comfortable and comforting, built to last with curved edges and saturated colours.

There are some identifying features to the mid-century modern style that will allow you to spot it, or to choose items that will recreate this look when you are replacing or adding items to your home. You should look for:

- Understated pieces - Mid-century modern was the precursor to minimalism. It was a move away from the cluttered homes that had gone before and are defined by a sleek and no-fuss or fringes style.
- Smooth lines and geometric shapes - Wood, leather, and metal were the favoured materials with curved edges to emulate nature. Geometric patterns contrasted with this.
- Function over form - Houses were smaller than they had been previously, and this meant that anything in the home had to serve a purpose and in many cases, more than one. This included furniture that could stack or be packed away when not in use.
- Expect the unexpected - This was also an era of experimentation, with new materials used, or old ones used in unexpected ways. Take fibreglass, for instance, which was developed for use in construction, but was used to make mid-century modern furniture.

While much of the style of mid-century modern interior design still works today, it is the saturated colours that are least popular now. Swap these out for muted or earthy variants to bring this style up to date. Choose functional furniture with minimal fuss or ornament, picking sleek lines and curved edges to really capture the mid-century style.