Create Your Traditional Life

Traditional English interior design style is known and loved for its timeless elegance. While bigger and sometimes bolder interior trends have come and gone, traditional home decor remains a stalwart of the design world. This style beautifully combines grandeur with warmth and comfort to create a sophisticated and classic look. Traditional interior design manages to achieve something quite special. It is rooted in history, yet it is simultaneously timeless.

Traditional English interior design takes its inspiration from design elements of the 18th and 19th centuries. This large time span means that it encompasses a wide range of options for those aiming to emulate the look. The traditional interior design style is perfect for homeowners who love antiques, appreciate art and enjoy grand furniture and accessories made from classic materials.

In creating a traditional English interior design, the overall look should be rich and inviting, with a hint of pomp. Colours used in such schemes are usually warm neutrals, which provide a base on which to build deeper and richer accent colours. Deep greens, bold burgundies and rich purples can all be found in this scheme, as can some pastel shades. Vivid colours are usually to be avoided. Traditional home decor can also be captured through patterns, whether on wallpaper or soft furnishings. Use bold botanicals with plenty of deep, rich green shades, geometric patterns, florals, stripes and smaller all-over patterns.

Traditional furniture is almost always made from wood, particularly dark wood, with antique-inspired shapes and ornamental hardware. It fully embraces larger furniture pieces which combine practicality with timeless style, character and detail. Look for architectural features such as carvings, arches, curves and pillars and focus on bureaus, desks, chests of drawers or wardrobes.

While architectural details and furniture are used to create the grandeur, it is the accessories and textiles which bring the warmth. Textiles play a huge part in traditional styling. Try mixing an array of patterns and textures within soft furnishings to create a cosy and inviting scheme. Traditional English interior design is certainly not minimalist - accessories are key.

Well thought out and always of high quality, those decorative accessories play a huge role. Classically shaped ceramic accessories, including vases and plates, help to create the look, while artwork mounted in wooden or golden frames is also important. The traditional style also incorporates plenty of plants and books, in addition to decorations made from classic materials such as crystal, brass or polished silver.

Rooted in the past, the traditional interior style brings with it a reassuring familiarity which helps it to resonate with homeowners young and old.