8 Coffee Table Decorating Ideas: How to Style a Coffee Table so it Always Looks Good

The humble coffee table, the centre of your living space. Now despite its main purpose being that of holding your morning cup of coffee or that hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter's evening. It actually serves a multitude of purposes, as It really isn't just a functional piece; it's a blank canvas waiting for your creative touch. Here at Olivia’s we want to show you how the simple coffee table has the power to redefine your space, transforming it into a stylish centrepiece and sparking conversations. Because who wouldn't want a talking point in their home?

Styling a Coffee Table

When it comes to styling a coffee table or any surface in fact, the main thing to always remember is, less is more. We often hear this statement, but in the realm of interior design, it holds particularly true. A clean space with a few accessories serves much more elegance than one with many, which starts to look less styled but more so cluttered. But what are some of the things that can be placed on your coffee table? Quite literally, the options are endless and the best part is it can allow you to customise everything to align perfectly with your unique style. Whether it's your most-loved book, a favoured scented candle or diffuser, a vase displaying vibrant flowers, or that sentimental ornament tucked away from your Italian escapade five years back.

Olivia’s Take On It

Recognizing how crucial indoor furniture is to your space, we recommend investing in an elegant coffee table that seamlessly complements your decor and aligns with your own personal lifestyle. Here at Olivia's, we take pride in showcasing a stunning array of luxury and designer coffee tables crafted to harmonise with your activities, needs, and personal lifestyle while maintaining an impeccable aesthetic. Whether you're on the lookout for a spacious centrepiece, a compact option, or a modern design with storage, our carefully curated collection guarantees to make a lasting impression in your home. So, let us inspire you with 15 exquisite coffee table decor ideas, thoughtfully chosen to revamp the heart of your living room and allow your unique taste to shine with creativity.

1. Make it Odd

A common oversight in the realm of home decor is the tendency to favor even numbers for accessories. While the appeal of a clean and symmetrical look is undeniable, we believe that odd numbers bring a touch of sophistication. The slight imperfections and the lack of perfect alignment create a more luxurious atmosphere, making it visually more pleasing. So, the next time you're considering twos and fours, why not opt for threes or sixes? Resist the sameness and welcome the charm of a slightly ununiformed and relaxed arrangement. 

Our Picks

So why not opt for the Gallery Interiors Vormark set of 3 Ornaments in Brown with their brown glossy appearance and varied heights within the set they are sure a statement to your table and these can be styled just as they are or even with small sprigs of dried flowers such as pampas or bunny ear stems for a more botanical and boho look. Also Consider the captivating Gallery Interiors Set of 3 Apothecary Jars in Green, offering a delightful array of heights again, making them a perfect addition to your coffee table. If green isn't your preference, these jars are also available in Brown, Clear, and Grey, catering to a spectrum of colour tastes. 

2. Give a Tray a Try

In a world where everyday items undergo transformative makeovers, trays have gracefully transitioned from their conventional role as mere carriers of food and drink to becoming iconic, stylish statements in today's contemporary lifestyle. As we navigate the realms of modern design, it's fascinating to witness how these once-ordinary objects have evolved into essential elements of home decor. 

Nowadays we don't see the tray as an act of practicality, instead it acts as a focal point of style. They are so versatile and that's what makes them such a perfect option for your coffee table. Whether placed on the side middle or just angled at a corner these can be styled however, maybe depending on the shape of your coffee table The options are really endless of what you could style on them yourself.

Our Picks

We think our Olivia's Luxe Collection - Gold And Acrylic Tray would make a perfect addition to your coffee table. With its striking appearance, it offers a beautiful way to showcase trinkets or objects in your home, adding a touch of glamour to elevate your living space. However, for those of you seeking that of  a quieter luxury, why not consider the Uttermost Wessex White Shagreen Tray. With its neutral shagreen material and small gold accents, it makes a refined statement while maintaining that minimalist look

3. Stack it Up

When we talk about stacking, we're not diving into the intense world of Jenga. No precarious wooden blocks here! In the realm of coffee table chic, books take the spotlight! It's a scene straight out of the playbook of interior stylists – because who doesn't fancy a quick read with their morning brew? And let's be honest, a stack of stylish books at the edge of your table isn't just about literature; it's about elevating the visual game. They bring in height, shape, colour, and that touch of intrigue. At Olivia’s, we've curated a collection of Coffee table books that effortlessly marry luxury with practicality – a perfect fit for your space. Whether you opt for a small stack with your favourite one reigning supreme or just a single one casually perched on the side adding a little charm like it was left there the options are endless. So where will you place yours?

Our Pick

We're convinced that our Farrow and Ball Living with Colour is the ideal addition to your table, especially for those who relish adding a subtle pop of colour. With its daring, rich red cover, it effortlessly becomes a focal point, perfectly aligning with current trends. For all you Pinterest addicts out there, you're likely aware that the pop of red is stealing the spotlight this year. So, why not indulge in a luxury coffee table book that not only complements your taste but also stays right on trend for the year? It's a win-win for both style and contemporary flair!

4. Make it Personal

In the pursuit of elevating our living spaces, trends and Luxury Home Accessories undeniably contribute a touch of sophistication. However, the real magic happens when we infuse our personal items, turning our homes into more than just aesthetically pleasing environments. It's about creating a welcoming, homely atmosphere—a space that resonates with our individuality. While the allure of a 'show home look' or a boutique hotel ambiance is tempting, it's essential to recognize that true warmth and comfort come from making a home uniquely ours. Beyond the façade of curated perfection, our living spaces should embody a sanctuary where personal style converges seamlessly with luxury, transforming every corner into a haven of both elegance and familiarity.

Our Picks

For those whose spirits resonate with the tranquillity of the ocean, our Richmond Interiors Mare Faux Coral is a must-have. Its pristine white hue and exquisite detailing transport you to the serene depths of the ocean, providing a dreamy ambiance while you relax in the comfort of your home. Alternatively, for those who share a love for the wilderness, consider our Libra Interiors Bronze Safari Sculpture. Its beautiful design featuring safari animals adds a unique and lovely element to your space, capturing the essence of the wild in your home decor.

5. Balance it Out

In the dynamic realm of interior design, achieving balance is key. Embracing the evolving trends and blending different style eras can transform your living space into a haven of uniqueness and character. Dive into a world of texture, where a thoughtful mix can weave an eye-catching tapestry of design elements. To strike the perfect equilibrium, employ the rule of three or opt for a grid arrangement, ensuring a visually appealing and well-balanced display that captivates your senses. Explore the seamless integration of old and new, and let your space tell a story of timeless elegance.

Our Pick

Immerse yourself in the exquisite craftsmanship of Olivia’s Patom Small Aluminium Chain. Meticulously handcrafted from robust aluminium, this petite decorative chain boasts a warm metallic finish that effortlessly commands attention. Whether standing alone or gracefully adorning a stack of books, it serves as an instant visual statement, elevating any space it graces.

6. Add Some Texture

As much as clean surfaces, round edges, and smooth feels create a minimalist effect inspiring a sense of calmness , there's a noticeable trend gaining popularity – the incorporation of diverse textures. This visual enhancement not only adds interest to your space but ultimately elevates your coffee table decor game. Whether it's the introduction of woven coasters or a captivating mottled sculpture, the varied look and feel bring a genuine Scandi approach. Here at Olivia’s, we wholeheartedly support this shift from the prevalent modern uniformity of textures to the charm of multiple textures. For those who love modern interiors, trying out diverse textures might seem daunting at first. But once you give it a shot, you won't regret it. It's as easy as adding a few textured items to your coffee table, making it an ideal starting point for newcomers. 

Our Pick

Our Liang & Eimil Ancien White Vase serves as a flawless choice when it comes to subtly infusing texture into your space. This exquisite vase boasts a mottled grainy surface that not only adds a touch of character but also provides a unique tactile experience. Its minimal worn effect and intentionally imperfect shape contribute to its charm, making it an ideal accessory to seamlessly complement the transition from a modern aesthetic to a more Scandi vibe. This carefully crafted piece serves as a testament to the artful blend of contemporary design with a touch of rustic allure, offering a sophisticated and nuanced addition to your decor. Elevate your interior styling with the Liang & Eimil Ancien White Vase, where texture meets elegance in perfect harmony.

7. Add a Natural Element

Elevate your coffee table decor with the refreshing touch of nature. While the conventional choice of potted houseplants introduces a lively burst of green, there are innovative ways to infuse a natural vibe. Consider embracing moss, a versatile and aesthetically pleasing natural element that garnered significant popularity in recent years. Beyond its environmentally conscious appeal, moss's adaptability makes it an ideal choice for adorning a decorative bowl or enhancing the charm of a stylish jar. Unleash the serene allure of nature with this nuanced addition, transforming your coffee table into a sanctuary of organic elegance. 

8. Add a Pop of Colour

Let's bring some lively vibes to your living space! If you're all about those bold and vibrant colours, why not let your coffee table join the party? Take a quick scan of your surroundings and soak in the existing colour palette – it's like your personal inspiration board. Now, let's make shopping for decor a blast! Imagine a lively candlestick or some eye-catching coffee table books stealing the show. Don't be shy – dive into a sea of colours, mix and match like there's no tomorrow, and turn your home into a cheerful and vibrant paradise. Your coffee table is the perfect playground for expressing your personality and injecting that infectious joy into your space! Ready to paint your world with a splash of happiness? Let's get started!

Our Pick

Our Leitmotiv Pair of 2 Enamel Twist Table Lamps in Ochre Red are the ultimate solution to infuse a vibrant pop into your space. These contemporary wonders seamlessly merge sleek design with a glossy enamel finish, featuring a distinctive twist base that adds a touch of individuality. Beyond their functional brilliance, the ochre red hue makes these table lamps an eye-catching statement piece, effortlessly enhancing the style of any room. 

Unleash Your Style With Our Coffee Table Decor Tips

In conclusion, while decorating a coffee table may initially seem straightforward, it often proves to be a more intricate task. Some may argue that the challenge lies in defining one's personal style. However, coffee table decor serves as an ingenious solution to this dilemma. It becomes a dynamic canvas for expressing your evolving taste and adapting to different interior styles. We suggest choosing a coffee table that's a timeless centrepiece allowing to accommodate diverse tastes and trends with its veristale nature. Establishing this foundation allows you the freedom to add or remove accessories, providing a starting point from which your style journey can organically unfold.