Country Living Style Designs

Some of us are blessed with a beautiful house in the countryside with original, period features, whilst others are content with recreating them in an urban or new-build home. Thankfully, there are many easy ways to decorate to make your room look authentically country.

The modern country decor style has been around for a long time and is unlikely to disappear any time soon. For many of us, it stems from fond memories of childhood holidays or a longing to return to simpler times. For others, it's a chic way to dress our homes without looking as though we've tried too hard. The key to that is to mix old with new for a chilled, relaxed style.

Modern country interiors have moved on from shabby chic and tend to blend rustic with vintage and even a hint of the industrial. Contrasting raw materials with sleek design is what defines contemporary country interiors and makes for a style that is easy to create, define, and personalise. Here are some top tips for creating modern country interiors in your home.

1. Use natural materials

Wood is the perfect natural material. Your home may not have beams across the ceiling but you can make sure you have plenty of wooden furniture and accessories. We're thinking tables and chairs, lamp bases, mirror frames, all stripped back or distressed.

2. Choose your colours carefully

Too much of any one colour can be overpowering so choose a colour palette and for a classic country interiors look, soft greys and pinks work well as base colours. Add some personality with bolder accents or floral accessories so that you feel your space truly reflects your personality. Prints inspired by nature on curtains or cushions also create a sense of the countryside. If pastels are not for you, try bolder warm colours that also take inspiration from the natural world; sunny or mustard yellows, dark, forest greens or even deep reds will add warmth.

3. Keep it cosy

Wool rugs and blankets to dress your space will help add depth and texture to your look. Cosiness is the goal and incorporating different fabrics will help your style define itself organically.

4. Pick statement furniture well

Whether you're shopping for a bed or a sofa, or anything in between, you're looking for something eye-catching that draws people in and makes people want to touch it. Your family and guests will want to spend time in a well-executed country interiors space. Size, shape, colour and detailing will all have a part to play.

Modern country interiors will grow with you; you can add items and take them away whenever you want. This is a living style.