The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Accessories

When it comes to kitchen design, sometimes a complete overhaul isn't always feasible. However, that doesn't mean you can't breathe new life into your kitchen and give it a fresh and stylish look. By carefully selecting the right kitchen accessories for the space, you can work a little magic and truly elevate your kitchen. In this ultimate guide to kitchen accessories, we'll explore some tips and ideas to help you transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Embrace Smart Storage Solutions

One of the key factors in a well-designed kitchen is smart storage. Clutter can quickly diminish the aesthetic appeal of any space, so it's essential to plan for ample storage options. Look for innovative storage solutions that align with your personal style and the available space. Instead of simply hiding everything away in cupboards and drawers, consider creating a display area for practical items and interesting pieces. We recommend the use of the Garden Trading Hornton Storage Unit to showcase your favourite kitchenware while keeping everything organized and within reach. 

Utilize Open Shelving

Open shelving is an excellent way to maximise space and make a strong design statement in your kitchen. Consider using chunky reclaimed boards with the Gallery Interiors Elveden Tall Shelving Unit to create a reclaimed and rustic feel. Wood accents can add warmth and prevent an industrial-edged scheme from feeling too clinical. Open shelving also provides an opportunity to display your pretty accessories, creating an attractive focal point.
Hornton Storage Unit  Elveden Shelf Unit  Linear Storage Unit   Putney Shelving Unit

Refresh with Playful Accents

A bright, white kitchen scheme offers timeless elegance and versatility. It serves as a blank canvas that's incredibly easy to update with accessories. Introduce playful and vibrant pieces to invigorate a pale scheme such as the Andrew Martin Apple Graffiti Ornament. Mix bright hues with eye-catching patterns to create visual interest. Scandinavian designs like the Nordic Living Collections Set of 2 Pascal Dining Chairs in Mint, can inject a modern aesthetic and character into your kitchen.

Curate a Vibrant Display

To add a pop of colour and personality to your kitchen, curate a carefully selected collection of vibrant accessories. Look for unique and unusual kitchen accessories that make an instant impression. You can also opt for a colour-coordinated approach to create a smart and tailored look. By incorporating accessories with bold hues and eye-catching patterns, you can lift the mood of your kitchen and create a strong focal point. Oversized pendant lights like the Tom Dixon Melt LED Pendant or bright artwork such as Cat Coquilletes’s Champagne Art Print can make the right statement.

Tom Dixon Melt Pendant  Champagne Art Print

Add Splashes of Gem Colours

If you want to infuse your kitchen with warmth and personality, consider incorporating splashes of gem colours. Solid blocks of striking colours can emphasize the design of freestanding furniture and accessories look to the Eichholtz Volante Stool in Roche Bordeaux Velvet  to achieve this. Soft furnishings, such as linens, can add a subtle country flavour to your kitchen. Experiment with colours like saffron and charcoal, and combine different prints to create a harmonious and inviting area to sit and enjoy a meal.
A kitchen makeover doesn't always require a complete renovation. With the right selection of kitchen accessories, you can transform your space and breathe new life into it. Focus on smart storage solutions, vibrant displays, art-inspired decor, refreshing accents, open shelving, and touches of colour to create a kitchen that is both stylish and practical. By incorporating these tips into your kitchen design scheme, you'll be able to revitalise your space and enjoy a fresh culinary environment.