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Are you on the hunt for new furniture or lighting to elevate your living space? Perhaps you're curious about which retailers provide top-tier, enduring products that also infuse a touch of uniqueness into your home. Your search ends here—Olivia's is your premier destination, featuring luxurious brands like Liang & Eimil, Eichholtz, Tom Dixon, Andrew Martin, and Uttermost.

Shopping at high-street retailers might be budget-friendly, but you'll likely miss out on achieving that one-of-a-kind look for your home. Mass-produced furniture often lacks individual flair and is generally made from inferior materials compared to what premium brands offer.

Opting for a high-end retailer like Olivia's might come with a higher upfront cost, but the lifelong benefits of investing in luxury furniture and lighting are well worth it. Here are some compelling reasons to go for designer décor:

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1. A Commitment to Craftsmanship

Brands like Liang & Eimil and Andrew Martin are synonymous with expertise, time, and meticulous attention to detail. By choosing these designer pieces, you're investing in durability, longevity, and the possibility of owning a future design icon. Dive into our captivating collections of various styles and eras, including  Mid-Century modern-inspired pieces, characterised by their minimalist form, clean lines, and versatility.

2. Stand Out From The Crowd

If individuality is what you're after, steer clear of mass-produced items. High-street furniture may appear enticing in catalogues, but the charm fades when you realise your friends have identical pieces. With brands like Eichholtz and Uttermost, which often produce limited runs, you're much less likely to find duplicates in your friends' homes.

3. Eye for Detail

It's often the intricate details that set luxury furniture apart. For example, a Tom Dixon pendant light or an Andrew Martin console table with custom handles could be the pieces that bring your luxury bedroom or living room design to life. These minor but impactful details can significantly contribute to achieving the aesthetic you’ve always aspired to.

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4. Superior Quality Materials

There's a noticeable difference between budget and luxury furniture, particularly concerning the materials used. Opt for an authentic leather sofa from Eichholtz, for instance, and you'll experience a far smoother, softer, and more durable product compared to a faux leather alternative. Genuine materials don't just last longer; they age more gracefully, too.

5. Make an Impression

Nothing impresses guests like a well-curated collection of designer pieces. A carefully chosen Liang & Eimil coffee table or an Uttermost mirror can become talking points that garner compliments from those who matter most to you. Plus, a tastefully furnished home featuring premium brands like these is a surefire way to have guests eager to return.

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So, as you ponder your home updates for the coming year, remember that luxury isn’t merely an expense; it’s an investment in the quality and uniqueness of your living space. Olivia's, with its extensive range of premium brands like Liang & Eimil, Eichholtz, Tom Dixon, Andrew Martin, and Uttermost, offers a blend of quality, style, and timeless elegance that is truly unparalleled.