Modern Living Room Ideas to Create a Contemporary Space

Whether you're drawn to the glitzy allure of Art Deco, vibing with the cool tones of Mid-Century, or cozying up to the charming aesthetics of the Period era, contemporary living room ideas promise a playful spin on your decorating choices – because, hey, who doesn't want a touch of modern flair, no matter where you land on the 'contemporary' scale?

But for most of you thinking, what actually is contemporary design? What defines it?  We're here to unravel the mysteries and provide you with insights into its defining features. Plus, discover how to boost your interior design know-how with guidance from our experts on crafting a contemporary look for your space

So, toss on your favourite throw and fluff up those pillows as we embark on this style exploration. We're about to demystify contemporary design and sprinkle in some easy-to-follow tips for giving your living room that effortlessly cool vibe. Get ready to elevate your space with a dose of contemporary charm and set the stage for a chic and trendsetting year ahead!

What is Contemporary Interior Design?

Contemporary interior design is most known for its sleek, minimalistic approach, featuring sharp lines, graphic prints, and glossy surfaces. While it boldly pushes design boundaries and skillfully manipulates light, some critics argue it can appear too stark and clinical. 

This modern movement breaks from traditional decoration, offering a balance between ornamentation and simplicity, curves and straight lines, and intricate details versus geometric shapes. It's intriguing to note that what's considered contemporary changes over time, with each historical period once being deemed modern in its unique way.

Contemporary design is not just about aesthetics; it's a beacon of innovation and change, offering a fresh, different, and sometimes disruptive perspective compared to what has come before. It invites us to embrace the now, encouraging a departure from the constraints of tradition and the exploration of new possibilities in interior spaces.

Designing A Contemporary Style Living Room

In designing a contemporary style living room, you're embarking on a journey that can touch various aspects of your space. Whether you aim to craft an eclectic interior peppered with contemporary-style pieces or prefer integrating only one or two trendy references, the choice is yours. It's crucial, however, to distinguish between a Modern and a contemporary living room. Modern design, rooted in the early 20th century, is more rigid, being tied to a specific era and encompassing what later evolved into Mid-century and Post-modernism styles. Each modern design movement boasts a distinct identity. In contrast, contemporary design is ever-changing, a fluid mosaic that borrows elements from different design periods, blending them into something both new and exciting. This constant state of flux allows contemporary design to continually reinvent itself, offering a versatile and dynamic approach to living room aesthetics.

Use the Right Colours

It's essential to recognize the significant role colour plays in contemporary lounge ideas. Contrary to popular belief, contemporary design isn't just about embracing bright whites. In fact, a contemporary living room should exhibit a stark contrast in colours, creating a visually striking balance. Imagine a predominantly white room with one key piece of furniture that boldly stands out, making a statement. The use of monochrome is particularly favoured in contemporary design because it effortlessly traverses from one extreme to the other, allowing for a dramatic yet harmonious aesthetic. When selecting colours for your contemporary space, confidence is key. Don't shy away from exploring various hues across the colour wheel. Contemporary colour palettes are known for their strength and their ability to create intriguing contradictions, making them exceptionally dynamic and captivating. This bold approach to colour is what breathes life into contemporary design, infusing it with a vibrant, energetic spirit that's both modern and timeless.

Our Top Picks

The Liang & Eimil Borne Side Table effortlessly complements mid-century modern interiors with its classic design. Meanwhile, the Gallery Interiors Fabien Ochre Occasional Chair stands out for its soft ochre-shaded fabric, providing a perfect balance between comfort and contemporary style with its minimalist metallic frame. Adding a pop of vibrant charm to the collection is the Andrew Martin Glacier Cushion Paradise, adorned with a delightful print in hot pink, mustard, and navy blue on a luxurious linen blend. These carefully curated pieces not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space but also reflect Olivia's discerning taste for a perfect fusion of elegance and modern flair.

Incorporate Varied Lines in your Design

In the realm of contemporary design, the emphasis on clean and crisp lines is a distinctive feature. However, the contrast lies in the modern movements, which prioritise strong, bold lines. In the contemporary style, a delightful fusion of the two is preferred. Picture this: a living space adorned with a curvaceous ottoman and sofa set. Now, elevate the aesthetics by introducing a modern art-style sculpture or an edgy pendant light. This dynamic combination not only captures attention but also introduces a captivating diversity to your design.

Our Top Picks

Olivia's Lara Pendant Light in Antique Brass combines industrial inspiration with a sleek design reminiscent of a birdcage, making it an exquisite addition suitable for any home. Elevate your interior with the Liang & Eimil Marat Ottoman in Boucle Sand, a statement piece that creates a cosmopolitan atmosphere with its sleek and sophisticated design. For those seeking a blend of contemporary coolness and uniqueness, the Richmond Dog Gold Ornament is the perfect decorative item. Explore these distinctive choices to transform your space with style and individuality.

Pick Contemporary Style Furniture

When selecting furniture for a contemporary style, a notable feature is the prominent visibility of sofa and armchair legs. Opt for tapered, angled wooden legs over traditional turned ones or those concealed under skirts. Achieving a harmonious blend involves incorporating exposed metals and glass alongside occasional glimpses of exposed wood in your surfaces and other furniture. While marble remains a timeless choice, it takes on a new role in contemporary interiors, focusing on uncomplicated lines and the presence of smooth, robust, and statuesque marble furniture in a modern living room. It's crucial to strike a balance, as an excess of finishes and shapes can lead to a room feeling cluttered. While contemporary design embraces a mix of influences, veering into eclectic territory should be approached cautiously to avoid a space appearing unfocused and confused.

Our Top Picks

Explore the sophistication of Olivia's Nordic Living Collection with standout pieces that redefine elegance. The Floris Coffee Table in Natural captivates with its minimalist charm, accentuated by the earthy allure of the oak veneer finish on the tabletop. Elevate your space with Olivia's Cali Cane Angular Rattan And Birchwood Occasional Chair, blending timeless elegance through woven rattan and a plush velvet cushion. Illuminate your surroundings with the RV Astley Abella Table Lamp Marble And Antique Brass, a free-standing masterpiece crafted with marble and adorned in an antique brass finish. Each piece in this collection is meticulously designed to bring a touch of refinement and modern allure to your living spaces.

Accent with Metal

Infuse a contemporary vibe by incorporating metallic elements throughout your living space. Beyond tables and substantial furniture, explore the versatility of metal in smaller details. Integrate hammered or polished steel into everyday items such as photo frames, metal-trimmed trays, or the edging of a floor-length mirror. Elevate the aesthetics with glossy brass accents, whether on an exposed armchair's frame, a gleaming gold vase, or as a distinctive cuff around a wall or clock. For a retro-inspired touch, opt for furniture adorned with wide brass collar bases, metal mirror edging, and unique metal decor. These carefully chosen metallic touches effortlessly enhance the modern edge of your living room.

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Our Top Picks

Elevate your living room aesthetics with the Liang & Eimil Vine Tray in Polished Stainless Steel, a perfect addition to infuse style with its shiny, reflective finish. Enhance the ambiance with the Mindy Brownes Farrah Clock, featuring a frame adorned with soft wood tones and subtle turned detailing, creating a rich border that elegantly complements the detailed interior. Explore the timeless appeal of the Libra Midnight Mayfair Collection - Retro Carriage Mantel Clock in Nickel Finish, an art-deco-inspired piece that brings compact sophistication to any living space. Each item is curated for its unique design and quality craftsmanship, adding a touch of refinement to your home.

Add Texture

Dimensionality is a fundamental aspect of any room's decor, transcending stylistic preferences. Even if your design inclination leans towards the minimalist ethos of contemporary design, the incorporation of layered texture remains essential. Striking a balance between minimalism and maximalism, consider the juxtaposition of sleek and sophisticated metals with supple leathers and matte, honed marble. This interplay yields three distinct yet subtly engaging textures, providing visual interest and maintaining dynamic appeal. Beyond tactile sensations, achieving texture in your living space extends to the interplay of colour and lighting. Elevate your surroundings with elements that stimulate the visual senses and play artfully with light.

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Our Top Picks

Embrace contemporary luxury with the Eichholtz Cesare Sofa in Pebble Grey, featuring a sleek black gunmetal base for a striking monochrome contrast. The subtle button-back design adds a touch of refinement to the overall aesthetic. Complement your modern interior with the Asiatic Carpets Milo Table Tufted Rug in lustrous forest green (200 x 290cm), imparting a dramatic yet sophisticated atmosphere. Elevate comfort and style with the Malini Kentish Cushion in Olive, enhancing your home with its plush texture and timeless sophistication. Each piece is curated to add a touch of elegance and modern flair to your living space.

Consider your Lighting Options

When contemplating lighting options for a contemporary living room, the approach should be akin to considering textures, seamlessly transitioning from ceiling to floor. Opt for recessed spotlights, a particularly contemporary choice that complements any room, especially when paired with accent lighting. Elevate your space by incorporating highly sculptural pendant lights that double as artistic focal points. Alternatively, embrace a more minimalist aesthetic with understated designs that gracefully hug the ceiling. The key is to blend functionality with artistic flair, allowing the lighting to contribute to the overall ambiance and style of your contemporary living space.

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Elevate the ambiance of your living space with an array of captivating pendant lights. Olivia's Raina Pendant Light exudes swirling designer style, seamlessly blending comfort and opulence, making it an ideal addition to the luxurious furnishings of an opulent boudoir. Meanwhile, Olivia's Miller 3 Pendant Light stands out with its satin-polished brass effect detailing, imparting a warm and inviting finish to the glass segments, creating a stylish and refined lighting solution. For a versatile option that complements both modern and classic home décor styles, consider the Industville 8 Inch Tinted Glass Dome Pendant. With its timeless design, this pendant light adds a beautiful touch to any space, embodying a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. Each pendant light is thoughtfully curated to enhance your living environment with elegance and luminous charm.

A Modern Update

In the pursuit of a modern living space that seamlessly aligns with the rhythms of our busy lives, the living room takes centre stage as a sanctuary of relaxation and style. Olivia's commitment to providing cutting-edge Modern Living Room Ideas emerges as a guiding light in this quest. Whether you're embarking on a complete living room overhaul or seeking subtle updates, the plethora of contemporary options ensures a space that harmonises functionality and trendsetting elegance. The diverse range of ideas allows you to dip your toes into modernity or fully embrace of-the-moment trends, offering flexibility tailored to your preferences.

We trust that this exploration of Modern Living Room Ideas has inspired and empowered you to transform your space into a contemporary haven. As you navigate through the curated suggestions, envision a living room that reflects not just design, but your individual taste and lifestyle. At Olivia's, we hope that our insights and ideas become the catalyst for crafting a living space that is both a personal retreat and a showcase of modern style. May your journey into contemporary design be filled with creativity, comfort, and an unmistakable reflection of your unique aesthetic. Happy designing!