Discover the Benefits of Opening a Trade Account with Olivia's

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Luxury and designer furniture are essential for a dream home, each piece telling a stylish and elegant story. At Olivia's, we go beyond being an online store. We help you create the story for your spaces.

To offer our esteemed clients an exclusive experience, we introduce our trade account. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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The Benefits of Opening a Trade Account with Olivia’s

  • Get exclusive discounts on over 15,000 luxury items from top brands like Eichholtz, Liang & Eimil, Richmond Interiors, and Roche Bobois. The trade account opens doors to unmatched discounts, created solely for the masters of the craft.

  • No strings attached: Design without boundaries. Enjoy the liberty of no minimum order values or annual spending requirements. Revel in the convenience of adding multiple premium brands to a single cart.

  • Rare Brand Access: Beyond the known lies the realm of the exclusive. With our trade account, enter the world of trade-only brands, often whispered about in elite design circles.

  • Guided Support: Each project, is a fresh canvas. Each designer is a unique artist. We pair you with a dedicated account manager, well-versed in the nuances of contemporary and classic design.

  • We offer customized services to meet your needs. This includes finding specific items from Roche Bobois or coordinating a theme with Richmond Interiors.

  • Precision Logistics: We appreciate the art and science of timing in design. Tailor your delivery, logistics, and storage options to ensure that your projects align to to your timeline with perfection.

Get Started with Your Trade Account

Eager to embark on this privileged journey? APPLY FOR A TRADE ACCOUNT. Please fill out the form.

After that, a member of Olivia's Trade team will get in touch with you. They will help you activate your account and guide you through the initial steps.

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Why Choose Olivia's?

At Olivia’s, we believe that the best life is framed within the walls of a dream home. We have 14,000 carefully chosen homeware items to help you turn any space into a stunning and luxurious home.

Selecting the right luxury furniture might sound daunting, but with our expertly curated collection, it becomes an adventure of discovery. We are here to make your journey effortless and delightful.

So, whether you are designing a serene sanctuary for yourself or a chic space bustling with family activities, Olivia’s is your destination for unparalleled luxury furniture. Don't let your home be a mere structure; let it mirror your essence. Dive into the exquisite world of Olivia’s and redefine your living spaces.