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Every so often, the world of interior design experiences a paradigm shift that radically changes how we think about our living spaces. While fads like Pantone's Colour of the Year might come and go, some shifts are more indicative of our collective mood and the evolving nature of home design. One such example is the recent resurgence of curved furniture, particularly curved sofas and round sofas, which are making waves in contemporary households.

Why Curves, and Why Now?

Curved sofas were popular in the 70s and 80s, known for their maximalist design. They have made a comeback recently, not just for nostalgia but because our lifestyles and desires have changed. Nowadays, a sofa is more than just furniture; it represents comfort and elegant living. The gentle curves of curved sofas offer a cosy and stylish living space that meets our needs.

The Spectrum of Curved Sofas 

There are many curved sofas available now that come in different styles and sizes to suit different tastes and spaces. Below are some of the most popular types:

Large Curved Sofas

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Take, for example, the Eichholtz Rivolo Sofa in Off-White. The piece combines modern and traditional styles. It has a large arch and an elegant design.

Rounded Sofas

For those who favour a modern look, the Eichholtz Björn Round Sofa in a creamy bouclé fabric is a compelling choice. Its circular shape gives it a distinctly 21st-century vibe, merging comfort with cutting-edge design.

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Chaise Curved Sofas

If you're after versatility, the Bernd Sofa could be your go-to. Its adaptable form marries well with a broad spectrum of interiors, be it minimalist, boho-chic, or anything in between.

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Bouclé Long Curved Sofas

Another highlight is the Liang & Eimil Sasha 3-Seater Sofa. Marrying bouclé texture with elegant curves, it’s a statement piece for large rooms and has a vibe of opulent grandiosity.

Small Distinctive Curved Sofas

The Eichholtz Durardo Sofa in bouclé Cream is a small but powerful option for those who want a subtle style statement. It allows you to experiment with the curved trend without committing to a full overhaul of your current furniture.

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Modern Flair vs 80s Maximalism

What sets contemporary curved sofas apart from their 80s counterparts are the fabrics and colour schemes. Today’s choices include chic bouclé, calming olive greens, and subtle millennial pinks, offering a modern twist to a timeless concept 

Styling Tips and Ideas

Decorating around a curved sofa may seem daunting, but it’s actually a fun and creative process. Here are some tips:

Coffee Tables: Opt for oval or round coffee tables to mirror the curves of your sofa. This creates a harmonious visual flow in your living space.

Footstools and Side Tables: Complement your curved sofa with a rounded footstool for additional comfort and visual coherence. Similarly, consider curvy side tables that align with the sofa's design.

Rugs and Cushions: Incorporate rugs with rounded edges and cushions in various shapes and textures to build a visually captivating space.

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What is a curved sofa called?

These styles often go by several names including arc, arch, crescent, or conversation sofas.

Can you put a curved sofa in a corner?

Yes, indeed! Curved sofas can be a versatile alternative to corner sofas, particularly in smaller living spaces.

What kind of coffee table do I need for a curved sofa?

Oval or round coffee tables are ideal for maintaining visual harmony, though a rectangular one can also introduce an interesting contrast.

What footstool suits a curved sofa?

If you’re going for a statement, a curved footstool is an impeccable choice. They fit snugly into the curve of your sofa and offer a unified look.

Whether you're a design novice or a seasoned enthusiast, integrating a curved or round sofa into your living space can open up new vistas of comfort and aesthetic pleasure. After all, as the saying goes, "There are no straight lines in nature." So why should your living room be any different? Embrace the trend, and let your furniture be an extension of your lifestyle and aspirations.