Behind The Brand: Liang & Eimil

Here at Olivia’s, we take immense pride in our carefully curated selection of standout brands, each embodying a unique blend of style, quality, and luxury. Among these distinguished names, Liang & Eimil stands as a beacon of excellence, offering the utmost in craftsmanship and sophistication. Join us as we explore the story behind this esteemed brand, uncovering the artistry and inspiration that define their exceptional creations. From accessories to furniture, discover the timeless elegance that sets Liang & Eimil apart.

The People Behind It All

At the helm of Liang & Eimil's visionary journey are founders Frank Eimil and Honghui Liang. With a shared passion for redefining home decor, they established their signature British-made furniture brand, drawing from over two decades of collective experience in the interiors industry. Their dedication to impeccable design has garnered global acclaim, making Liang & Eimil a coveted name in luxury homes and high-end establishments worldwide.

Their Philosophy

The Liang & Eimil brand ethos is rooted in seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality with understated elegance. They believe in the harmonious balance between these elements, ensuring that neither overshadows the other. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to craftsmanship, they create furniture that not only delights the eyes but also enriches the daily lives of those who experience it. Their design philosophy celebrates the fusion of various styles, resulting in pieces that are not only visually captivating but also deeply personal.

The Materials

Central to Liang & Eimil's distinctive style is the careful selection of materials, with wood, metal, and stone serving as the cornerstones of their creative process. Each material brings its own unique qualities to their designs: wood infuses warmth and natural beauty, metal adds a sleek and contemporary touch, while stone provides durability and timeless elegance. By skillfully blending these materials, they craft pieces that seamlessly combine aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, elevating any space they inhabit.

Their Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond mere aesthetics, Liang & Eimil prioritises sustainability in their production process. They meticulously source materials such as FSC certified wood and recycled fabrics, actively contributing to a more eco-conscious approach to furniture manufacturing. By integrating recycled materials into their designs and embracing energy-efficient manufacturing methods, they strive to minimise their environmental footprint while offering stylish and high-quality furniture that resonates with their customers' values.

What Sets Them Apart

What truly sets Liang & Eimil apart is their unwavering dedication to creating designs that transcend aesthetics, prioritising enhanced functionality and comfort in every piece. Their furniture brings a sense of individuality and character to homes, allowing customers to express their unique style while enjoying unparalleled design and comfort. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on craftsmanship, Liang & Eimil continues to inspire a new standard of excellence in the world of luxury furniture.