Artful Spaces: Olivia's Guide to a Well-Styled Home

Our interior designers have curated countless homes and spaces over the years, and along the way, learned a few things. Trends come and go, but the principles of what makes a room sing are everlasting. Olivia’s believe that a beautiful space can enhance your daily life. 

That being said, home is where life happens, so we certainly do not want to preach the idea of perfection; rather, we want to give you the tools to bring your space to life.

Balancing Act

Texture is key to a space that feels layered and thoughtful. Make note of what your space is missing. Perhaps you start with Asiatic Carpets Blox Hand Woven Rug, linen sofas such as the Andrew Martin Truman Hedgrow Sectional Sofa, and velvet chair with the Liang & Eimil Jimil Occasional Chair. From there, think about the hard textures you're missing, like wood, brass, or stone, to bring balance and intrigue.


Light it up

Frequently labelled as the  "jewellery" of the room, lighting has the power to transform a space both when on and off. Keep it dim by opting for luxury lighting with lamps and wall scones to make the space feel akin to a boutique hotel. Look to the Olivia’s Nina wall light or the Light and Living Arturan Smoked Glass Lamp 


   nina wall light

Know when to stop

Some spaces need very little furniture or decor to make an impact. Let architectural elements like a beautiful bay window or a coved fireplace speak for themselves and resist the urge to fill every wall. Our top tip here is when you feel like the space is missing something but it doesn’t feel right to add more furniture consider the use of a large potted plant to lend a touch of life to the space. 

Pattern Mix

For neutral lovers, "pattern" can sound overwhelming, but when done right, mixing patterns can add that next level to your home. The key to adding patterns thoughtfully is to vary scale and design. Look to combine large-scale checkerboard, think stripe and dainty florals keeping the colours tonal for a more neutral aesthetic or go bold with pops of colour. 

Creating an artfully curated space is about embracing your personal style and adding those extra touches that make it uniquely yours. Whether it's through textures, lighting, unexpected elements, curated nooks, restrained design, or pattern mixing, each decision contributes to the overall ambience and character of your home.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating a well-styled home. It's a journey of exploration and self-expression. Embrace the process, have fun with it, and let your home be a reflection of your own artistry. 

After all, it's the place where memories are made, and your personal touch will make it a truly special space.