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To delve into this years interior design trends, we asked interiors expert Emma Brindley to share with us her insight into what new things we might be seeing, or even current trends that might be staying around for a while longer.

This year clearly centres around home comforts, with interior design focusing on feeling good in our homes and making the most out of the spaces we live in. There seems to be a similar story going on with last years trends creeping back into the spotlight such as garden makeovers and rattan furniture.

Here are the design trends you can expect to see in the coming months, from Emma’s perspective.


1- Pretty and simplistic, a look into the past (Cottage Core)

There is a real sense at the moment of people wanting to find comfort and good vibes wherever possible in such uncertain times, so a trend on the horizon is one that uses a mixture of old traditional styles in the home with various fabrics to give a cosy, country like surrounding.

‘We are seeing trends that take us back to our past.. or should that be our parents, parents past? This look has a comforting feel and combines different patterns and textures. It’s a look that is very pretty and simplistic, but it’s mixed with touches of glamour and a traditional style. I would describe it as a vintage, rustic, country style.' - Emma Brindley


  1. Dried flowers

Its no doubt that dried flowers and plants are staying relevant, with pampas grass still being a great feature piece in the home, with this years colour favourites leaning towards the earthy muted tones, dried flowers are perfect for creating a natural, paired down look.

‘This connection to nature and dried flowers is huge as a trend. From wheat, to eucalyptus, lavender, and lots of big leaves. We are seeing it everywhere at the moment.’ - Emma Brindley


  1. Curved shapes

When looking at any interior trends right now, curved shapes and soft edges won’t go a miss. A big trend we see a lot at the moment is curved sofas, arm chairs and light fittings. The idea of creating curved shapes with paint features like colourful archways framing furniture. Also a lot of curved home furnishings too, like sofas.

‘Curved shapes are huge for 2021, curved sofas are a particular favourite of mine and we'll be seeing lots of curved sofas, headboards and light fittings this year.’ - Emma Brindley


  1. Upcycling furniture

A trend for 2021 is a rustic style like weathered woods,  if you want to create this style you can consider repurposing old furniture or using recycled materials as a great way to create something unique for your home, in 2020 we saw lots of small projects going on where people spent their time indoors creating little projects for themselves to keep busy. From garden bars made from wooden crates to old cupboards being transformed into beautiful rattan features. Ideas are limitless and it is something to challenge yourself to as well as making something nice for your home.

‘A big trend for 2021 is rustic style, like upcycling old furniture, keeping woods bare and weathered. Adding cosy materials, woven fabrics, bamboo and wall hangings. It ticks the box for sustainability too.’ - Emma Brindley


  1. Cane and Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture was everywhere last spring/summer and is staying relevant this year, again it complements the theme of natural, earthy tones and materials, we love it!

‘Cane and rattan furniture is huge and still going into 2021. It’s definitely not going out. It will be mostly be seen on accessories, sideboards and chairs, but I think you’ll be seeing it on lots of other products too.’ - Emma Brindley


A few other trends worth mentioning..


-Wall art and tapestries



-Retro florals


-Shaggy fabrics


Hand glazed ceramics`



-Photos sourced via Pinterest

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