Caracole Worth Its Weight In Gold Sideboard
Caracole Worth Its Weight In Gold Sideboard

Caracole Worth Its Weight In Gold Sideboard

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Product Description

Experience the allure of our glass console, reminiscent of the brilliance found in gold jewellery glistening under radiant light. This exquisite piece captures beauty from every perspective, meticulously crafted with transparent glass panels that create an entrancing visual effect. Its design boasts a glass top, glass end panels, and a glass shelf, all harmoniously complemented by four clear glass doors. These elements converge to create a symphony of luminosity, reflecting elegantly off mirrored back and bottom panels.

Elevating its elegance, a Whisper of Gold finish gracefully envelops the plated metal frame, bestowing a captivating contrast to its radiant surface. This console serves as an impeccable canvas for showcasing your cherished treasures and curated collections, adding a touch of opulence to your space.

The plated metal frame, adorned in the luxurious Whisper of Gold hue, forms a sturdy foundation. The clear glass top and end panels infuse an airy ambience, while the quartet of clear glass doors, centred around a glass shelf, offers both functional storage and an aesthetic focal point. The mirrored back and bottom panels magnify the console's allure, creating a mesmerizing play of reflections.

Arriving at your doorstep fully assembled, this masterpiece is ready to transform your space with its ethereal charm. Discover the perfect union of craftsmanship and style, where the whisper of gold meets the radiance of glass. 

Dimensions: H: 91.44 x W: 172.72 x D: 40.64cm
Materials: Glass, Metal

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