Autumn Winter 20/21 Lookbook

Fall in love with Olivia’s Autumn Winter 20/21 interiors. This season we explore the latest interior design trends in textures and tones

11 Feb, 21

Chill Vibes Mixtape

Zone out to this cool calm and collected playlist, created by Olivia’s. Grab a cup of coffee and play through the rainy days. 

05 Feb, 21

Home Comforts: The Defining Trend for 2021 and how we are Living now

2020 saw us being thrown into a way of living no one expected, with more time being spent at home, we found new routine...

29 Jan, 21

Trend Forecast: 2021 in Colour

After discovering this years ‘colour of the year’ from the likes of Pantone and Dulux, we know that there is more to colour than just the paint ...

26 Jan, 21

Creating a Calm Space - Our Top Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom

Now more than ever we need a calm and tranquil space to relax in our homes. Here are our top tips on how to create a peaceful bedroom, whe...

24 Jan, 21

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 chooses two colours this year to symbolise unity.

23 Jan, 21

An Interview with Interior Designer Emma Brindley

This week we sat down with award winning Interior Designer and our Head of Product and Design at Olivia's, Emma Brindley.

21 Jan, 21

Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

Dulux' Colour of the Year 2021 'Brave Ground', is a name chosen by their team of colour experts to best describe the year ahead. 

20 Jan, 21

The interior design secrets to a happy marriage

Whether buying furniture for a brand new home or updating the interior design of a house you’ve lived in for yours, rev...

25 Aug, 20

Discover how your home could be making you ill

Since the start of the pandemic most of us have been spending more time than ever before at home, and despite the gradu...

21 Jul, 20

Don’t judge a house by its exterior!

The front of a house is where first impressions are formed, but once it has been built there isn’t all that much you ca...

15 Jun, 20

Olivia's Insiders X Emma Martin Interiors

Hello there! I am Emma Martin. I am the founder of Emma Martin Interiors. I am an interior designer based in Nottingham...

07 Jun, 20

Welcome to the World of Andrew Martin Furniture

Andrew Martin, one our most popular brands here at Olivia's, is full of eclectic and fun furniture. With a huge catalogue...

05 Jun, 20

Introducing Native Home & Lifestyle

Our latest brand Native Home & Lifestyle offers stunning collections of contemporary statement pieces, perfect for ...

18 May, 20

How much would it cost to furnish the UK’s most iconic homes?

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to furnish plush homes, such as Buckingham Palace and no.10 Downing Street? Many homeowners will agre...

13 Apr, 20

Top list of celebrity houses Brits want to self-isolate in

The Beckhams’ London mansion tops list of celebrity houses Brits most want to self-isolate in.

03 Apr, 20

5 Desks perfect for 'Working From Home'.

5 Desks perfect for WFH (plus alternative desks for smaller spaces) We are in unprecedented times. ...

23 Mar, 20

Discover Beauty In Your Own Garden

Soaking up the beauty of your own garden while you practise social distancing? Maybe you need to give your garden a little boost, now spring has...

15 Mar, 20

Do you live in the most house-proud area in the UK?

Every year people in the UK spend millions on furnishing their homes, however you’d be surprised at just how much som...

10 Mar, 20

Decadent Entertaining

Think cocktail parties, glamour and the combination of dramatic spaces and rich materials…Immerse yourself straight into this contemporary trend an...

23 Apr, 19

Get the look: New Nordic

Danish inspired with beautifully simple designs, New Nordic shows us how to combine the essence of Scandi-minimalism, w...

10 Jan, 19

Botanical Collection

Decorate your home with the on trend, nature-inspired Botanical style. The perfect balance of a Scandi-meets-Tropical c...

10 Jan, 19

How To Light Your Garden – Once The Sun Has Set

Just because the sun had gone down, doesn't mean the lights have gone out. Here are Olivia's top outdoor lighting tips to help 'bring the outside in'.

11 Jul, 18