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Biophilic design connects indoor spaces with nature, whether this is directly with greenery and elements of the outdoors, or by following a natural look using Scandi style woods and faux plants for a nature-driven aesthetic. 

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Gallery Interiors Albion Metal Planter Large


Gallery Interiors Hoven Metal Planter Large


Gallery Interiors Wesley Hammered Basin Side Table


Gallery Interiors Milano 6 Drawer Chest


Gallery Interiors Tate 3 door Sideboard


Gallery Interiors Carbury 1 Drawer Bedside Table


Gallery Interiors Faux Dracaena


Gallery Interiors Alberta Bench

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Gallery Interiors Alpini Framed Art Trio


Gallery Interiors Valence Silver Nest Of 2 Tables


Gallery Interiors Madrid Side Table


Gallery Interiors Putney Shelf Unit


Olivia's Agave Plant


Gallery Interiors Tuscany Sideboard Burnt Wax


Native Home Long Centerpiece Table Plant Holder


Gallery Interiors Faux Bamboo Grass


Native Home Small Stilts Plant Holder


Gallery Interiors Kingham 1 Drawer Desk in Grey


Zuiver Miami Pillow Palm Tree Green


Gallery Interiors Faux Aloe


Libra Monstera Aluminium Sculpture Gold Leaf


Gallery Interiors Pampas Grass With 7 Heads


Native Home Large Plant Holder Stand


Native Home Large Stilts Plant Holder


Gallery Interiors Valence Gold Nest Of 2 Tables


Andrew Martin Petrified Log Stool


Gallery Interiors Elveden Dining Bench


Andrew Martin Cubist Sideboard


Gallery Interiors Milano Round Mirror

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Gallery Interiors Bako Hombre Oval Pot


Showing 1 - 48 of 150 Products
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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are finding that they have an affinity with nature. When daily walks were our only opportunity to get outside and socialise, people began to appreciate the calming, nurturing effect that being in nature had on them. In fact, studies prove that there are a wealth of mental and physical health benefits to be had from spending time in the natural world. These include stress relief, lower blood pressure, improved immune system function, a more positive outlook and reduced anxiety.

With all of these health benefits, it is therefore unsurprising that we are now wanting to bring the outdoor in and use biophilic interior design within our homes. By this we mean using natural resources within the home to create a calming contrast between contemporary deisgn and the elements of the natural world.

At Olivia's, we are proud to stock a range of items in keeping with stylish biophilic interior design. But how can you nail the look in your home? Here are some ideas for creating perfect, harmonious living spaces.

Nature places huge relevance on the sun. It needs it to thrive. Humans also thrive in the sun and natural daylight is an important way to keep us feeling stable, happy and alert. Consider how much natural light flows through your home. Could you opt for more glass, mirrors or transparent furniture to allow light to pass more freely? Are there any sunny spots that you could transform into a cosy snug or a workstation?

Green plants are an integral part of the natural world. Bring the outdoors in by adorning your home with luscious greenery. Not only will it create a tranquil aesthetic but it will also help to purify the air, leaving you feeling happier and healthier. Using natural materials within the structure or furnishings of your home can also have a similar effect - think light, wooden furniture and natural stone floors.

Honouring your environment through the materials and decor you use within your home can help you to feel closer to nature. So if you live near the sea, woodland or close to open fields, then why not design your home to reflect the spirit of the natural world around you? Remember to throw open your windows and let the sights, sounds and smell of the natural world into your home. Rain, birdsong, a gentle all adds to your wellbeing and this is what biophilic interior design is all about.

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