Trend Forecast: 2021 in Colour

Trend Forecast: 2021 in Colour

After discovering this years ‘colour of the year’ from the likes of Pantone and Dulux, we know that there is more to colour than just the paint on your walls, colours tell a story and this year follows a theme of strength and serenity, with natural earth tones taking the spotlight. Expect to see pops of pastels to complement the neutrals, as well as experimental green tones and rich inky blues. We sat down with the wonderful Emma Brindley, Head of Product and Design at Olivia's, to discuss all things colour for 2021, and here are the colours that will forecast be everywhere in interior design.


  • Earthy, grounded shades.

Dulux’ colour of the year ‘Brave ground’ sets the tone for this years big colour trend, the use of natural, earthy colours as the foundations of any style will be consistent, this connection to natural elements and calming shades is what drives this 2021 trend.

 ‘With Dulux announcing its colour of the year ‘Brave Ground’ we look forward to building designs around that natural earthy colour palette.’ – Emma Brindley


  • No more grey

At one point not so long ago, grey was absolutely everywhere. Whole homes were decorated with grey being the sole inspiration for furniture, walls and accessories. Although a shade of grey was selected by Pantone as the one of two colours of the year, it won’t be taking the lead in 2021. We’re seeing a lot more interior design lovers incorporate neutrals into their home. Although grey can still be seen on the high street, they are beginning to transition into more neutral colours. The more higher end interior brands are beginning to ditch the grey for the more growingly popular choice of dark navy blue, with blue tones replacing grey, especially in kitchen design.

‘For 2021 grey won't be as popular for interior designers, the focus now is more on calm grounded colours, where we can take comfort’ – Emma Brindley


  • Introducing bolder colours

Knowing now that we are more confined to our homes, there is a growing trend to want to add brighter colours and have more fun with different shades. Experimenting with different shades of greens, from velvety forest dark greens to light and uplifting olives and sage tones. Even with the warm neutrals being the leading palette, making your space more joyful and exciting to look at seems to be the way forward.

 Bring elements of the natural world into your home with dark, earthy green walls, which will reinforce our connection to nature. Contrast with lighter shades by adding greenery into oversized vases. .People will be more experimental with colour, we are spending more time in our homes than ever before so I think people want to create more fun.’ – Emma Brindley


- Dusky pink

We are so happy to see dusky pinks on the scene this year, not necessarily as a primary palette but to compliment the earthy toned walls and furniture. We love the shade of dusky pink for injecting some warmth into the home.

‘I love the mixture of earthy tones and pastels, they really compliment each other’- Emma Brindley


  • Hints of yellow

Expect to see hints of yellow as accent pieces like feature chairs and cushions, more pastel yellow shades, influenced by Pantone’s colour of the year but not as vibrant as their chosen shade.

‘The final colour trend we are seeing are hints of yellow coming through, from Pantone. But what I’m seeing is more of a mixture of bright yellows and mustards, maybe like a pop of colour on a cushion or a feature arm chair. You don't have to be afraid of colour, introduce is quietly into the home and you will become addicted to the happiness it creates!’ – Emma Brindley


All images sourced via Pinterest