Hire a Virtual Interior Design Consultant to Revamp your Animal Crossing Home

Hire a Virtual Interior Design Consultant to Revamp your Animal Crossing Home

Have you fallen in love with the world of Animal Crossing but are still struggling to fall in love with your Animal Crossing home? Are you unsure of which patterns to pair together or completely at a loss on what to do with your spare room? Then we have the perfect solution for you with our brand-new service, that will not only help transform your virtual home in Animal Crossing, but also provide you with invaluable advice to apply to your IRL home as well.

Hire one of our Virtual Interior Design Consultants today to arrange a visitation to your Animal Crossing home, so they can help transform your ordinary space into a digital luxury retreat.

Your personal consultant will be able to visit your pad in the game, and provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t with your current setup, explaining the reasons why and divulging their top tips for the perfect virtual feng shui. They will suggest real time solutions to bring your property to life and fulfil your Animal Crossing dreams, while importantly staying within your bell budget.

We know that your style and tastes may change, so to prepare for this your consultant will also mock up a number of backup designs that you can implement in the future. 

Initial consultations will typically last an hour, but you will be given their contact details enabling you to contact them again if you would like to arrange a follow up visit.

Submit your email below to register your interest and we’ll set you up with a consultant as soon as possible. 


Interested in becoming an Animal Crossing Virtual Interior Design Consultant? You can find all the details here