Discover this seasons exciting, eclectic mix of interior styles and decorating trends - perfect for those looking to refresh their home!
Bedroom Furniture
Under The Sea

Drawing inspiration from the deep blues of our rippling oceans, Under The Sea transports you to an aquatic haven. Pulling together multiple hues of blues, fresh chromes and ocean spray whites, this trend looks fantastic in any contemporary interior space.
boutique hotel
Spring Boutique Hotel Collection

Our Boutique Hotel collection transports you into the minimalist, opulent spaces of a luxurious hotel getaway - all in the heart of your home.
decadent entertaining
Decadent Entertaining

Think cocktail parties, glamour and the combination of dramatic spaces with rich materials. Immerse yourself straight into this contemporary collection and transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary of entertaining.
Luxe Renewed Trend
Luxe Renewed

Luxurious materials, entertaining appeal and decadence, are what our Luxe Renewed trend is all about. Bringing cocktails and the glam of the gatsby era back, this interior trend will have heads turning.
Coach House
Rich Pigments

Inspired by the change in seasons, this look is dominated by rich, intense hues.Bring it to life with warm leathers, a pop of brass & statement accessories.
Opulent Monochrome

Simple, yet effective. Opulent monochrome is luxurious and sophisticated with a simple palette that effortlessly creates impact.
Dining Room

Think exposed brick, raw steel and rustic wood - the epitomy of our Industrial trend. A stylish collection that inspires you to add depth and character to your interior space, with an urban chic appeal.
Dining Room

Decorate your home with the nature-inspired Botanical trend and bring the outdoors into the heart of your home. Bright colours, greenery and natural woods are all great ways to bring this trend to life.
French Chateaux
French Chateaux

Elegant with a country chic appeal, this trend focus's on decorative luxury welcoming style that incorporates natural stones and distressed materials. Feminine and soft, this trend is made up of beautifully muted colour palette.
Dining Room
Tutti Frutti by Andrew Martin

Sweets, biscuits, chocolate and ice lollies: a furniture and accessories range will decorate a home that Hansel and Gretel would be jealous of. Featuring seating inspired by Liquorice Allsorts, Digestive biscuits, chocolate bars and sculptures in the form of Zoom ice lollies and giant Jelly Babies.
Dining Room
Gobi by Andrew Martin

Take your imagination across far-flung lands, trailing the dusty footsteps of historical explorers with Andrew Martins Gobi collection. In muted colourways with flickers of pinks and blues, this is the perfect collection for relaxed contemporary interiors with a delicate aroma of exoticism.
Expedition by Andrew Martin 

Inspired by global travel, Expedition takes us on a journey from Tanzania to Turkey, from France to Indonesia.
Bedroom Furniture

Danish-inspired with beautifully simple designs, Scandi shows us how to combine the essence of Nordic minimalism, with all the cosiness of natural woods and warming textures.
Living Room Furniture
Neutral Retreat

The perfect combination of neutral palettes and wooden, rustic elements, this neutrally focused trend is not only soothing, but simple to bring to life. The perfect winter warmer to suit all tastes.