When it comes to choosing accessories for your interiors, each piece should reflect your personal style, they are the final touches to complete a room and make a statement in your home. We have recently introduced a range of Jonathan Adler accessories to Olivias, eccentric in design and versatile in a way that they can be styled within many different Interior looks. Whether you are a lover of the minimalistic approach to decor or a maximal enthusiast, these accessories are perfect to add a unique touch to your space.
Jonathan Adler is known for designing with modern American glamour in mind. His creations are timelessly chic and have elements of airy surrealism. Each piece breaks the boundaries of conventional design, warped vases, face shaped candles and quirky coasters. These are the playful accents you didn’t know you needed. Shop our collection of Jonathan Adler accessories here

With white, black, and gold as the primary tones in our Jonathan Adler accessories, they make for an easy palette to complement other existing colours in your home. The intricate detailing in each piece is what makes them so special and interesting, although not bold in colour, each accessory has an eccentric look without being an eye sore. They make a statement without overwhelming other surrounding pieces.

 Minimalistic Styling

What we love most about these Jonathan Adler accessories are their ability to adapt to any desired decor, being mainly white in colour they work well in paired back, neutral toned interiors. If you are looking to achieve an overall minimal interior space but want to avoid a room looking too plain and clinical, try building up a handful of pieces to create balance and interest. You don’t have to go overboard with accessorising but arranging a simple set up on a console table, can be an effective way to factor in some subtle detail.

1. Linton console table 2. Relief vase 3. Ninna coffee table 4. Gala round vase 

All out Maximal 

Jonathan Adlers signature style is mid-century modern surrealism with a twist, his creativity is limitless when it comes to designing homeware, the intricate detail of each piece is what sets them apart from conventional style. If you are a fan of busy interiors where unique pieces are an important part of a collective look, these accessories can be styled together to for a maximal style. A maximal home style welcomes in a wide variety of patterns and colours, its all about building up layers and using accessories to add ultimate character to a space, here are a few items when paired together, create a maximalist style.

1. Song side table 2. Muse votive candle holder 3. Toscana Fores occasional chair 4. Friendly folk Pelham cushion 5. Marseilles coaster 


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