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In the world of interior design, there are brands that stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and unmatched luxury and Eichholtz is undoubtedly one of those brands. 

Luxury Eichholtz Furniture & Accessories

Eichholtz takes a subtly modern approach to classic typologies, resulting in distinctive and aspirational items that exude sophistication. Whether you're looking for furniture, lighting, or accessories, Eichholtz consistently delivers on its promise to provide unique and aspirational designs that enhance any interior setting.
One of the remarkable aspects of Eichholtz is its versatility. The brand's collections feature a rich palette of materials and finishes, allowing you to find pieces suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial settings. From undulating, rounded forms that create an inviting atmosphere to organic and freeform furniture pieces that bring a touch of the unexpected, Eichholtz offers a diverse range of styles to suit your preferences.

Eichholtz Luxury Furniture

We’ve asked our in-house interior designers to showcase some of the distinctive interior design styles that Eichholtz provides:

Luxurious Intimacy: Imagine a living space adorned with travertine, marble, alabaster, brass, and warm lighting, all set against a dark backdrop. Eichholtz's sofas and seating with their inviting and rounded forms create a luxurious and intimate atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and comfort.
  Shop Eichholtz Furniture  Eichholtz Udine Swivel Chair
 Nature-Inspired Tranquility: Bring the calming   elements of nature indoors with Eichholtz's Sofa   Svante. Its organic shape and tactile bouclé   upholstery invite you to unwind and experience   true tranquillity in your space.
Eichholtz's Savante Sofa 
Contemporary Elegance: Create an inviting and contemporary atmosphere with pops of Aegean green colour. Combine Eichholtz's textural bouclé cream fabric of the Björn Sofa and Clubhouse Dining Chairs. Elevate the experience with brass accents from East Chandelier and Pierre Side Table, adding an elevated and luxe touch to your space.
Eichholtz Clubhouse Dining Chair  Shop the Eichholtz Collection  EICHHOLTZ EAST RECTANGULAR CHANDELIER IN ANTIQUE BRASS
Eichholtz offers an unrivalled collection of stylish and refined products. When you shop with us at Olivia’s, you gain access to the remarkable diversity of Eichholtz's nearly 4000 designs, ensuring that you find the perfect pieces to elevate your interior space.