If there’s one thing that always takes the UK by surprise, it’s a heatwave. Although we’re not blessed with blue skies and sunshine often, when it does happen we are left scrambling for the last remaining desk fans and furiously throwing off our duvets. Although we can’t help with the temperatures, we are able to ask our in-house style team for their top tips on creating a cool bedroom oasis that’s designed to offer the perfect nights’ sleep, regardless of the weather.

Cooler Colours

Sleep experts say that the ideal bedroom temperature should be between 16-18°C, however, during a heatwave it’s normal for night-time temperatures to remain high and for your room to retain heat. Sleeping in a stuffy room can be impossible but there are ways to help combat the stifling temperatures.
The colour of your bedroom can make all of the difference, light paint colours that reflect the heat are perfect for summer nights, making it easier to cool the room than it would be with dark painted walls. The same goes for your upholstery and accessories, opt for neutral, natural shades that all offer the same calming,

Balancing Bed Linen

During a heatwave, the last thing you want is to feel cocooned in a thick winter duvet or trapped beneath a mound of blankets. Now is the time to rethink your bed linen choices and opt for materials designed to regulate your temperature. One of the best options for summer sleeping is linen. This natural material helps your body stay cool and we love the Gallery Direct Linen Duvet Set for optimal summer comfort. When the temperatures are very high, ditch the duvet and opt for a throw or blanketin a similar natural material for a good nights’ sleep.

Prepare early

Although the sun shining through your windows is a beautiful sight, it can also pour heat into your home throughout the day. Close curtains and blinds as much as possible and open any windows or doors to create a draught. If you’re lucky enough to own a fan, place an ice bucket filled with either ice cubes or cold water in front of the fan before you go to sleep to help cool the room even more.
Speaking of water, it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated throughout a hot day. Keep a water bottle next to the bed if you wake up as drinking will help the body to cool down. We also recommend turning the temperature dial on your shower down a few notches and adding an evening shower to your routine, if you don’t have one already.
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