Staycation with Olivia's

Staycation with Olivia's

 Bring the ultimate holiday experience to your home this year and make the most of your summer staycation. The thought of another year of no travel isn’t too dreary when there are plenty of things you can do to adjust your setting and replicate a summer holiday at home. Here are the ingredients to a garden holiday, packed with the good vibes you need.

Our Staycation Spotify Playlist

 To kick off a summer of reuniting and cherishing the good times again, you will need the perfect playlist to set the scene. We have created a mix of tracks that will certainly put you in the summer mood. With a mix of Ibiza classics and chilled house, you can find yourself feeling like the holiday feeling is right on your doorstep!

 Make your own Cocktails

 We are all missing cocktails being crafted by professionals, but why not try your own concoctions. When looking for a variety of cocktail recipes, we came across this hearty mix of ideas, with some solid classics and some new and fun ways to create the perfect summer beverage. Fluffy Duck? Ok let’s give that one a go

Choose a Summer Read

 With the hustle and bustle of our old lives slowly making a comeback, we can easily neglect the important time we need for ourselves. Relaxing and basic mindfulness is a must to maintain balance in our lives. One of the basic things we can do is read! Whether that be a quick browse of your favourite magazine or nestling down with a good story to escape to a different world for a while, reading is a way to stay grounded and present in the moment, which is definitely something needed after being exposed to so much uncertainty. Here is a selection of good reads that are hot on the radar this summer.
What's a staycation without a nice, chill place to lounge? sit back and relax this summer with our selection of outdoor furniture 

Lounge in style with Olivia's

  1. Brafta chaise longueby Skyline 2. Peacock two seater sofa by Cane-Line 3. Milano love seat sofa by Skyline 4. Presley sunbed by Cane-Line