16 of our favourite Interior Designers to follow this Summer

16 of our favourite Interior Designers to follow this Summer

One of the best aspects of the online space and highly visual social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok is the sheer degree of creativity and inspiration that can be found at every turn. Whether you're looking for skincare tips or want to keep up with the latest garden trends, there are websites and social media accounts dedicated to sharing valuable knowledge, tips and tricks with their audiences.

The same notion applies to the world of interior design and decor, with top interior designers both famous and up-and-coming, sharing their thoughts on the hottest trends and offering easy to follow tips for incorporating design features seamlessly into your home.

Who are the best interior designers?

The design industry isn't known for its overnight success stories, with designers and creatives spending years honing their skills, working directly with clients, and often using their creativity to develop their own lines of products. But as creative social spaces are already flooded with interior-focused accounts, it is essentially impossible to keep up with the postings of every designer on a daily basis without scrolling all day, every day.

So, while your list of the best interior designers is likely to be different from another person's, the key to gathering inspiration that will allow your creativity to flow is to curate the accounts you choose to follow. Trust us when we say that this is the best way to ensure you are being given a helping hand into the fabulous world of interior design in a way that suits your personal style.

But with that said, we have also taken this opportunity to put together a list of our top interior designers, which includes both famous interior designers who have already become household names all around the world and new to the scene, fresh-faced luxury interior designers who are embarking on their journey towards making a name for themselves in the industry.

1. Justina Blakeney https://www.instagram.com/justinablakeneyΒ 

Justina Blakeney is a designer based in L.A who has successfully transformed her plant-filled, eclectic interior style into one of the biggest trends the world of interior design has experienced in recent memory. Think colourful accents and mix and match patterns combined with plenty of natural materials, house plants and a generous helping of inviting vibes.

Blakeney's design blog, the Jungalow, was created in 2009 and her combined Instagram following across @justinablakeney, @thejungalow, and @justinablakeneyhome stands at more than 2.2 million. From short videos on how to create striking floral displays to guides offering inspiration for layering colours and textures, Blakeney's Instagram posts are aspirational, aesthetically pleasing, and informative.

2. Corey Damen Jenkins https://www.instagram.com/coreydamenjenkins/

Renowned for his glamorous interiors with a distinctive sense of sophistication, Corey Damen Jenkins is an Elle Decor approved A-List interior designer with a passion for elevating every space he works on in a sympathetic yet innovative way. Each image posted to Jenkins' Instagram feed has a thoughtful caption which describes why certain design choices were made and the part it plays in creating a harmonious space. Expect to see a plethora of elegant furniture combined with striking artworks and bold yet understated colour choices.


3. 2LG Studio www.instagram.com/2lgstudio/

You may have seen design duo Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe on the latest series of Channel 4's Changing Rooms, which is a series that sees professional designers giving rooms up and down the UK a much-needed makeover. This duo of famous interior designers also have their own studio. 2LG Studio is based in South East London and takes on a range of projects across both residential and commercial briefs.

As well as being known for their use of colour, the design duo are also passionate about delivering maximum functionality, elegance and simplicity to ensure every space they create allows their client to express themselves through their interiors and continue to strive for growth and happiness.


4. Young Huh https://www.instagram.com/younghuh/

Officially making the list of the 100 top designers in the world and securing a coveted Elle Decor A-List place, Young Huh founded an eponymous interior studio which boasts a bright and airy design style that isn't frightened of large swathes of colour. From classic design touches in bright bathrooms to intense yet serene feature walls in elegant bedrooms, there is a large helping of creative interior inspiration within every image shared to her grid.


5. Sasha Bikoff https://www.instagram.com/sashabikoff/

Even the briefest glimpse at Sasha Bikoff's Instagram feed is enough to understand how this creative force has become one of the most famous interior designers within creative circles and amassed more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. As well as being on the Elle Decor A-List, Bikoff has earned a place on the Luxe Gold List, which highlights the fearless approach adopted at the beginning of every design process.

Undeniably one of the most instantly recognisable luxury interior designers, Bikoff merges modernism with vintage styles and certainly doesn't shy away from colour, texture or pattern. From a monochrome pink bedroom with faux fur headboard to a pink-walled dining space accented with metallic blue and green chairs, colour lovers are going to find an abundance of inspiration here.


6. Sophie Robinson https://www.instagram.com/sophierobinsoninteriors

With a background in journalism and a love for bold colour, Sophie Robinson is an accomplished interior stylist and has been a guest judge on the BBC's Great Interior Design Challenge as well as presenter of her own Channel 5 TV show titled Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson.

Robinson believes that our homes should be a reflection of our personalities and our values, and advocates for living a lively, creative life filled with plenty of happiness and joy. Her interiors illustrate the positive impact colour can have on our everyday lives, which is a message she also shares through her online Instagram content and TV shows.


7. Ajai Guyot https://www.instagram.com/truehome_

Ajai Guyot has something that not every designer has: the ability to expertly and decisively transform any space into a neutral hued, laid-back space with a comfortable and content ambiance. Guyot recognises that our home environment has a significant impact on our emotional health and mental wellbeing, and is on a mission to help people connect with their surroundings in meaningful ways.

Guyot has built an audience of more than 34,000 people and delivers top tips and tricks in an accessible and easy to understand way. In fact, it often feels akin to connecting with an old friend for a catch up when scrolling Guyot's feed, which is refreshing in a space that can sometimes nurture a sense of disconnect between designers and audiences.


8. Emily Henderson https://www.instagram.com/em_henderson/

Henderson earned her first big break into the design industry by being crowned the winner of the fifth season of Design Star. She hosted her own show on the same network for two seasons, in which she shared an array of stylist-approved tips and tricks that anyone can incorporate into their home.

She is credited for helping people in locations all across the globe to refresh their mantelpieces, transform their bookshelves, and create features using previously unloved cocktail tables. Her 970,000 Instagram followers benefit from a wide variety of content including round ups of the best and most affordable bathroom fittings, current wall decor trends, and simple ways to make spaces in your home more functional and more aesthetically pleasing.


9. Martyn Lawrence Bullard https://www.instagram.com/martynbullard

While there are a number of designers that are favoured by some of the world's most famous faces, Martyn Lawrence Bullard has arguably worked with the most impressive variety of celebrity superstar clients, including the Kardashians, Cher, and Elton John. In addition to celebrity projects, Bullard is hard at work designing hospitality spaces in Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, and Hollywood. His Instagram feed is alive with colour and pattern, and he is renowned for sharing small tidbits of knowledge with his 320,000+ followers.


10. Journey + Jacobs https://www.instagram.com/journeyandjacobs

This Louisville based duo is known for incorporating classic pieces with contemporary design features to create spaces that are perfectly suited to everyday modern life. This style and approach inherently delivers a sense of timelessness, which creates longevity and provides people with plenty of time to enjoy their carefully curated yet utterly personal spaces.

Journey + Jacobs are sensory-focused designers, with an ability to bring a sense of the home environment to commercial spaces. From personality-filled gallery walls to encouraging you to really look at how different lighting can completely alter the look and feel of a space, this is an Instagram account that will keep you feeling inspired and motivated to leverage your creativity within your own home.


11. Ken Fulk https://www.instagram.com/kenfulk

The New York and San Francisco based designer has an instantly recognisable style that utilises vibrancy and a chic cinematic approach to every space. This means that he is consistently in-demand from high net worth individuals including Xochi and Michael Birch whose gorgeous Fulk-designed Bay Area property was put on the market for a whopping $39 million.

Fulk is also known for his commercial interiors, including The Newbury Boston hotel's rooftop eatery and Leo's Oyster Bar which are amongst the most instagrammed hospitality locations in the world. He shares a variety of inspirational imagery with his 155,000 strong Instagram audience, including showcasing ways to mix and match different textures, tones and lighting to create an inviting space for all.


12. Amber Lewis https://www.instagram.com/amberinteriors

Despite constantly lamenting the quality of her iPhone photographs, Amber Lewis's Instagram feed is overflowing with stunning spaces that have the most exquisite lighting and minimal meets cosy aesthetic. Proving that neutral toned walls don't need to be boring, Lewis accents spaces with thoughtfully chosen soft furnishings in colourful yet muted palettes to create charming, multi-functional spaces that so many of us are looking to achieve.

Follow along for bookcase styling tips, layering interior accessories for a casual yet put-together mantelpiece or console table, how to introduce drama into a room without overwhelming your space, and much, much more.


13. Alyssa Kapito https://www.instagram.com/alyssakapitointeriors

With a mission to consistently break the mould and deliver something uniquely outstanding, Alyssa Kapito is one of the most exciting contemporary designers working today. With a keen eye for delivering refined spaces that boast a quiet elegance and tailored sophistication, Kapito uses natural light and fun yet chic tones to give rooms a unique ambiance and personality that perfectly reflect the wishes of each client.

A touch of playfulness is incorporated into a child's bedroom with butterfly print upholstered headboards against a neutral blue wall, whilst a bold piece of deep blood red abstract art is mounted in a white and cream toned space with flashes of warm mid-toned wooden furniture with a mid-century feel. If a peaceful elegance is something you appreciate inside urban interiors, Kapito is the designer for you.


14. Martha Mulholland https://www.instagram.com/martha_mulholland

With a keen eye for detail and the ability to effortlessly mix and match pieces from completely different eras and styles, it should come as no surprise that many are clamouring to have their homes redesigned by Martha Mulholland.

Mulholland's 21,000 Instagram followers benefit from seeing custom designed pieces for hallways, living rooms, and sleeping spaces, as well as all the small details that combine to create a truly harmonious living area that always feels comfortable, warm and inviting. Mulholland is also a huge advocate for being brave with colour, even in spaces like the bedroom that may be intimidating to tackle with such an approach. But as Mulholland proves, every space can handle a flash of colour when incorporated in just the right area.


15. Beata Heuman https://www.instagram.com/beataheuman

London-based Beata Herman specialises in interior design and interior architecture and has worked hard to develop a signature style that celebrates cosy sophistication with a distinctive live-in atmosphere. There is also a clear element of fun in Heuman's designs as illustrated in her bedrooms that combine navy blues and peach hues with unique appliqued headboards designed to deliver plenty of personality, and fully fabric wallpapered powder rooms.

Heuman offers glimpses into her own home, including spaces with bespoke furniture that has been inspired by an event or person during her life. Look out for upcycled design accents, which delivers an exciting sense of exclusive style.


16. Studio Ashby www.instagram.com/studioashby

Following the notion that art plays a central role in our lives, Studio Ashby interiors find a certain poetry in the combination of antiques, texture, pattern, colour and art, which is something that gives space for the development of chic, unique and charming rooms that retain an inviting and comfortable ambience.

From using large scale pieces of art to create a sense of symmetry in a room to creating intricate gallery walls in compact seating areas or sprawling Georgian style entryways, each Studio Ashby designed space is one of a kind and, importantly, feels like somewhere you will want to spend time enjoying.


Why should I follow luxury interior designers online?

The answer to this question is actually surprisingly simple and it's because there is inspiration to be found everywhere. So, by keeping up to date with a selection of the freshest interiors, you might encounter a post or a story that completely changes the way you feel about a certain trend or inspires you to incorporate a specific feature into your home.

The reality is that there are top interior designers specialising in every design niche you can imagine, so whatever your style, you won't need to search for very long to find numerous designers who have a vibe you can connect with. Remember, there is no single list of the "best interior designers" because we all have different tastes and preferences. But as we have seen, there really are a plethora of interior design-focused websites and Instagram accounts out there, with each one bringing something slightly different to the table. This is precisely what makes the interior design space such an exciting one in which to immerse yourself, with designers and creatives sharing tips and tricks ranging from straightforward do it yourself friendly tricks to larger design renovation projects that are centred around the client's lifestyle and preferences.

We hope that you have found lots of inspiration within our list of recommendations and have come away with a variety of ideas that you could incorporate into your own home. Remember, even small refreshes can completely transform the way your home looks and feels, giving it a new lease of life that will have a hugely positive impact on your personal sense of wellbeing.