Introducing the Style Sisters

Introducing the Style Sisters

The talented Style Sisters, Gemma and Charlotte join Olivia’s for an afternoon of tips, tricks and healthy home habits to help bring your dream home to fruition. With over 4 years’ experience helping clients such as Millie Mackintosh, Amanda Holden, Rochelle Humes and many more to curate home improvement habits utilising timeless classic homeware and stylish storage pieces. The Style Sisters duo specialise in home detox combined with organisation and how to create a functional living space without compromising on your chosen interior aesthetic. For even more tips take a seat, get cosy and browse through their new book; Style Sisters: Helping you live an organised & stylish life.


What do you love about Olivia’s?

"We have been shopping with Olivia's for ourselves and clients for a while now because we love the large selection of beautiful items they have from all the different brands they stock including their own range! We always find that perfect piece!"


Describe your interior style

"Our interior style is classic but fun. We like to keep the base of the room versatile, timeless with pops of colour through artwork and statement pieces of furniture." 

Over the years Gemma and Charlotte agreed that their homeware style has adapted to suit their wants and needs however, a classic feel is instilled into their foundation, meaning new trends can be adapted to maintain their personality within a modern twist. Taking inspiration from homeware trends, discover a subtle nod to the Biophilic aesthetic, with hints of greenery from our faux bamboo to monochromatic tones, intertwined with dramatic lighting and accessories within their exclusive homeware collection. To create the perfect ambience, Style Sisters place a focal point on lighting as the hub of the room, they enclose that it can have a large impact on the overall look and feel.

Style Sisters Homeware
1. Aubin Occasional chair brown  2. Lessina Table Lamp Brushed Brass
 3. Diamen I Beige White Vase  4. Diamond Cable Knit Throw

What is your favourite piece from your collection? Why?

"Its so hard to choose one piece from the collection because we honestly love it all! But if we had to pick something we would have to say the Liang and Emil coffee table. We love the simplicity yet still a statement because of the size. It’s the perfect piece for us to style!"

The pair both agreed that the Musso Coffee Table was their favourite item as it allows variety within a blank canvas to allow you to edit and change the visual to coincide with season and trends. Touching on an industrial moment to contrast against soft furnishings, this coffee table is an all-time staple to allow you to ultimately ‘dress to impress’ for whatever the occasion requires. For an evening of entertainment infuse the coffee table with cocktail coasters and create a talking focal feature with the Marcel Vase. Alternatively for daytime incorporate Marble Sculptures and Pampas Grass.

1. Greystoke Mirror  2. Odin Gold And Black Side Table
 3. Vitale Boucle Sand Occasional Chair  4. Oscar 28 Pendant Light Brushed Gold

What Are Your Healthy Home Habits?

"It’s really important to us that everything is put away at the end of the day so that we can relax and unwind. We both find it hard to function when our homes are a mess! Having a system in place such as labelling where items go really helps the whole family to stay on top of things!
Scented candles, fresh flowers and diffusers are also things we enjoy having in the home. Scent is such a powerful tool for healthy home habits and candles also create a beautiful calm ambience too!"


Detox, detox and more detox. Known for their storage and organisational knowledge, the pair strongly agreed that keeping clutter at bay is at the forefront of being able to coincide harmoniously with your home, and adapt your space to create healthy home habits. Each piece of furniture or every accessory within your home has a purpose and whether it’s for display, storage or for comfort, it’s important to create an even balance. Mindfulness living encapsulates the importance of adapting your space to suit your needs. 


What do you love about Olivia’s?

Our relationship with Olivia’s homeware has stood the test of time which lends itself to the inspirational possibility that you can transform your space from vision to reality. Olivia’s hones in on contemporary homeware with a classic and timeless twist so no matter what your style is now and how it develops in years to come, it will always be relevant for you to purchase your desired homeware furniture and accessories.


We can’t wait to see how you style the pieces that you select from our collection in your home and how you make it your happy place.


Visit the Style Sisters exclusive collection here.

Style Sisters Hpmeware

 Why have you created an edit with Olivia’s?

Creating an edit with Olivia’s felt like a very natural next step for us as we’ve both been big fans for a while now. There are so many items we both adore that’s it’s been great to be able to curate a selection of pieces for others to shop too! They are items that we would not only use in our clients homes but in our own homes too!