How to Style your Cushions

How to Style your Cushions

When it comes to decorating your home, cushions are a great accessory to add comfort and personality to a space, they can complement a sofa by matching or contrasting in style. Here are a few ways you can style up your cushions to elevate your sofa and make a statement in a room. 


1- ‘The dramatic chop’ 

Make a statement with your cushions and go for the chop! This popular trend adds definition to your pillows and is an easy way to transform the shape and style. You may look a bit strange doing it, but at least your cushions will look nice. 


2- ‘Smooth and neat’ 

Keep it classic with a simple pat, an understated but effective way to style a sofa. For this look, use as many cushions as you like and place in a uniform layout, patting the material down so it looks neat and tidy. 



3- ‘The straight stack’  

Go for this layered look by stacking cushions, large behind with smaller cushions in front for an elegant and tidy feel. This creates depth and makes for a more detailed, luxurious style. 



4- ‘mismatched’  

This randomly assorted, carefree look works great with chilled boho décor. A style that is messy on purpose! Throw a mix of cushions and see where they land, mixing it up with different sizes and patterns. Comfort is key with this look so soft cushions work well. 



5- ‘Different Heights’  

Enhance the composition of your cushions by layering in height order. Start with the largest, descending into the smallest with a medium cushion in the middle. This introduces the idea of having feng shui in your space. Introducing Feng Shui into the home is a great way to feel calm and collected, with a sense of order and completion.  



6- ‘Patterns and textures’ 

Go for a good mix of textures and patterns with your cushions, using a foundation tone to go off. A brown block colored cushion paired with a beige patterned design and then maybe a natural toned faux fur or velvet is a great example. Browns and neutrals are a big trend right now and there are lots of designs to pull off this fun look! 

Here are some of Olivia's cushion picks!

1.Kerala cushion by Andrew Martin 2. Ossington cushion by Andrew Martin 3. Mocha cushion by Libra 4. Ostuni cushion by Andrew Martin 5. Lattice weave
cushion by Gallery Direct