How to Make the Most of a Small Garden Space

How to Make the Most of a Small Garden Space

In the UK, we really cherish the time we get to spend soaking up the sun outside. With such a small window of time to enjoy our garden space each year, it is important to utilise it in the best way. Not everyone is blessed with a large outdoor space at home so if you have a small garden and are wondering how to make the most out of it for entertaining friends, al fresco dining or just want a place to sit in the sun, here are some tips to help transform your small outdoor space into a functional area.
With a small garden you can still create a useable and inviting space without having lots of room to play with. The key focus on designing for a small garden it to keep in mind what will be the primary function. If you want a subtle area to relax and unwind on your own, then you can look at a small chair or outdoor sofa to suit the needs of one person. If hosting parties and having family over is a priority to you then consider garden furniture that can be folded away or bring in floor cushions that can be stored easily.
Like our interior design preferences, gardens should be an extension of our homes and reflect what you love most about interiors. If you favour minimalism, Olivia’s has a range of modern outdoor furniture to suit the paired back style. If you have a classic or rustic look running through your home, browse our more traditional looking pieces from metal bistro sets to wooden outdoor furniture.

Save space with planters and plant pots

If you don’t have the means to build flower beds or boarders in your garden, you can always make the most of plant pots and planters, this way you can re arrange them to fit around you and they can be interchanged with other garden accessories. Planters are a great accessory to complement your garden style and allow you to be surrounded by nature without taking up floor space permanently.

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Make the most of wall and fence space

When you have minimal outdoor space, it can be tricky to see how to add a personal touch or introduce garden furniture and accessories. This is where walls and fences become useful, you can hang garden mirrors to reflect your space and make it appear larger, or you can even add hanging baskets or planters for detail.

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Create multifunctional spaces

Having an idea in mind of what you want to use your garden for the most is a great place to start, don’t go overboard with garden furniture if you rarely use your outdoor area for entertaining, instead opt for a two-seater table or garden sofa that is the perfect place for a morning coffee or refreshment after a long day. If you are an avid host for parties and family gatherings but your garden, don’t let your small garden stop you from enjoying these times, add additional seating by using garden floor cushions or foldaway chairs.

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