How to declutter your home in 2022

How to declutter your home in 2022

Knick-knacks, junk, clutter, bits & pieces, odds & ends; while many of us would love to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, the reality is that we just have far too much ‘stuff’. 
When faced with endless snapshots of Insta-worthy homes and impressively clutter-free rooms, it can be difficult to imagine how your space could ever be that organised. Everyday living, whether it’s children, pets, or simply the fact that we’re all spending a lot more time at home lately, can lead to our spaces being cluttered and unkempt, so how can we get organised for 2022? If your New Years resolution is to declutter, we’ve asked our interior experts for their top ten tips on turning your home from chaos to calm. 

The five basket rule

Whether you’re decluttering in order to simplify your life or you’re looking to downsize, starting the task can be the hardest part. One of the most popular ways to kickstart your declutter is the ‘five basket rule’. Before you start organising each room, set out five baskets, bins, boxes or even bags in the centre of the room and leave them there while you work. Each basket has its own purpose, which, if followed, will help you sort out your space quickly and efficiently. 
Basket 1: Put Away items that are out of place or not in their designated spots
Basket 2: Recycle any items that you can (paper, glass, plastic etc.)
Basket 3: Repair any items that you want to keep but need some TLC
Basket 4: Bin items that can immediately go into the household waste. 
Basket 5: Donate items in good condition that you don’t want anymore. 

Choose smart storage

One of the biggest challenges we face during a declutter is finding enough storage space. Storage is a valuable commodity in any home but if you’re unable to add large storage pieces to your space, it’s time to get smart with what you can do. Storage baskets are one of our favourite organisational solutions, bringing style and practical storage space to any room in the home. Perfectly suited to the contemporary, minimalist aesthetic, these baskets can be used to hold those everyday essentials that you can’t part with. Use baskets in living spaces to store remote controls, books, toys and chargers. Use them in bathrooms to neatly contain your cleaning products. They can even be used on staircases and in hallways as storage for outdoor clothing and footwear. Play around with baskets of various heights and sizes to create an incredibly on-trend bespoke storage style. 

Start small

If the idea of decluttering your entire home or flat leaves you heading for the sofa with a glass of pinot, don’t stress! One of the top tips from organisational experts is to start small. Begin with items that you hardly notice; this could be a drawer that’s full of junk, an old storage truck filled with clothes or a kitchen cupboard full of mismatched Tupperware. By tackling a small section first, you will be able to see the results of your efforts a lot quicker than, say, an entire kitchen. This instant gratification should spur you on to challenge bigger areas or simply give you the confidence to continue tackling these mini-mountains. 

Opt for multifunctional

Buying new furniture when you’re trying to declutter may seem like a strange tip, but replacing items with multifunctional pieces can help streamline your space. In a time where many of us are still working from home, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your furniture is multifunctional. A storage bench is a great example of multifunctional furniture, offering both valuable storage space as well as extra seating. Cabinets can also be used as a stylish home bar solution while keeping any kitchen or barware out of sight behind closed doors. A home office desk that can function as a stylish console table or storage unit is ideal for keeping that all important work/life balance in play, while a striking accent chair can double up as a comfortable office chair. For more on this, check out our recent guide to creating a flexible home working space

Forget ‘just in case’

Plain and simple - if you’re holding onto items in the hope that they will be used again, it’s time to let go. Although it may seem unwise to get rid of items that you will one day need, chances are most of these things will simply take up space and collect dust. From kitchen gadgets to holiday equipment, our homes are overflowing with items that we keep ‘just in case’ we need them. Be decisive and either donate, bin or sell these items to free up valuable space in the home. 

The 10-minute blitz

.This decluttering trick is recommended by interior experts and is a great way to kickstart your 2022 challenge. Start in one room and give yourself 10 minutes to do as much as you possibly can to get that space in order. Set yourself an alarm to add some urgency to the task, and you’ll be surprised how much you can get done! This blitz is a great way to clear floor space, put items back where they belong and generally add some organisation to the room. Don’t overthink about what you’re doing during the 10 minutes; simply tackle what you can see. 

However you choose to declutter your home in 2022, we’re here to help you do it in style. From the perfect storage solutions, to stripped back minimalist finishing touches to bring your vision to life, you can find everything you need at Olivia’s.