How to create multifunctional living

How to create multifunctional living

Multifunctional living is an approach to interior design with the understanding of space, composition, and functionality. Space can be limited in many homes so optimising the areas you have can make rooms feel bigger and tidier. This approach is beneficial for open plan living spaces, smaller homes like apartments and helps to create a more practical home life.

Allow for space to work

With comfortable home living being something we have all appreciated more in recent times, it is important to create a multifunctional home that is versatile and offers the best use of space for daily activities. Having a designated space to focus on work or personal projects is key to remaining inspired at home. Not everyone has a large interior space with separate rooms dedicated for different needs, but you can optimise any size space to suit your lifestyle. If you haven’t got the room to house a separate office, you can convert a console table into an area for work or create a dining space that works for eating and working. Being able to focus is paramount when working from home, surrounding your area with inspiring artwork and personal treasures can create a more motivating atmosphere. If you use the space with other people in your home, try adding a room divider or arrange your set up to be in a corner that feels more intimate and separate from your chill out space.

1. Ferndale console table 2. Set of 2 Elliot dining tables in neutral 3. Gerik table lamp

  Create hybrid spaces

If you are limited on space, you can create hybrid living areas, dining is a place to gather and be together with family or friends however, working from home can result in using this space to set up your home office. Why not make it multipurpose by storing your office supplies/ printer away in a sideboard and keeping your workspace transferable so it can easily go from busy to relaxed for evening dining. Dining benches are a great addition as they allow room to seat more people and they can store underneath the table to create more space. Having comfortable dining chairs are a good investment for home working too, you can make your dining area look chic but also practical too.

1. Milano oak scandi dining bench 2. Milano 2 door/ 3 drawer sideboard 3. Ferndale large 6 seater dining table 4. Barcelona grey and wood dining chair 2 pack 

Create a cosy corner

Living with other people whether you have kids, or house share, having your own quiet place to escape to is the ultimate luxury. If you live in a property with limited space or your living area gets overwhelmed with stray toys and teenage mess, create a cosy zone that is cut off from the rest of the house. This can be in a corner occupied by a cosy armchair and side table, add a statement throw and create a peaceful reading nook. Even a small space or corner can be made useful.

1. Luca chocolate velvet occasional chair 2. Cleo marble supper side table in gold 3. Chunky knitted throw grey

  Have a place to unwind

Switching off from a day’s work and having a place to unwind and relax in the evening, is a major aspect of multifunctional living. It allows for the stress of the day to ease off and gives the feeling of coming home after a long day. Even when working from home, separating your work and home life is key to keep a healthy balance and is a priority for your wellbeing. Separate living spaces offer an escape and physical distance from being hunched over your laptop all day, but if your home is more open plan or lacking in space, try a corner sofa set up that can act as a divider in the room, limit the clutter by keeping to minimal décor and surround yourself with comfort by adding cushions and candles to the area.


1. Truman sectional sofa large grey linen 2. Mottled velvet cushion 3. Blanc candle