Summer is drawing to a close and for many of us, this means sadly saying goodbye to those long nights spent enjoying our gardens. With so many of us investing time and effort into our outdoor spaces over the last 18 months, it seems a shame to stop using them just because the temperatures have dropped. Of course, we’re not expecting people to sit outside in a torrential downpour or a thunderstorm, but as the chilly Autumn nights roll in, we’re going to show you how to adapt your space for cosy outdoor entertaining. Grab a blanket and a glass of mulled wine; we’re heading back outside!

 Create a lighting concept


One of the easiest ways to create a feeling of warmth and cosiness is through the lighting you use in the garden. If you have already invested in outdoor lighting for your garden, you simply need to switch up how it is used to make the most of it in Autumn. Add soft, glowing lanterns or candles to your space to create a sense of intimacy as you sit and enjoy the evening.  Overhead fairy lights or festoon lights should provide the bulk of the lighting you need to see what is going on around you, but these extra elements will make things seem just a little cosier!


Add Autumnul accessories

Although it may be time to put away the inflatable flamingos and tropical decor, you can still create a beautiful decorative across your outdoor space. Look for warming colours and jewel tones as you add candle holders, lanterns and even outdoor cushions to your space for guests to enjoy. If you’re hosting friends for drinks, why not look for autumn leave centrepieces or use pumpkins to create a festive feel as the night draws in?

Heat your space 

Fire-pits have become a garden must-have over the years, and there’s nothing cosier than sitting around the flames as you unwind on an evening. No one wants to sit outside in the cold when they could be cosy and warm inside, so why not add some guaranteed heat to your evening with a firepit? You could even incorporate the fire-pit into your evening entertainment; toasted marshmallows are always a hit and will keep everyone toasty well into the night. 

Get Cosy


Create a space that’s inviting and warm by placing a mixture of soft, cosy blankets and faux fur throws over your outdoor seating. Having a dedicated storage box of outdoor throws and blankets means that you never have to frantically run around the home to find extra laters for your guests. Cushions are another great option for keeping guests comfortable during evening entertainment; take a look at our full range of outdoor cushions to find styles to suit a wide array of outdoor dining sets. 

Protect furniture

One of the most important things to remember when using your outdoor space in the colder months is to protect your outdoor furniture. Don’t leave your dining sets, chairs, fire pits or any other garden furniture exposed to the elements, as you may reduce their lifespan and have to replace them before next summer. If you do host an outdoor gathering, take time to cover up your furniture with appropriate outdoor furniture covers or tarpaulin. Store any soft furnishing in storage boxes or a shed or garage; check these periodically over the winter to ensure that they are not subject to damp. 

However you choose to entertain this Autumn, do it in style with Olivia’s complete outdoor furniturerange. For help and advice on any of our products, get in touch with the team today.
(Photos sourced: Unsplash)

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