2020 saw us being thrown into a way of living no one expected, with more time being spent at home, we found new routines and adapted to isolation. When it came to home improvements, there seemed to be a notion of more time for the little things, maybe there was that spare bedroom you’d been putting off decorating, or a cupboard that had been waiting forever to be organised.

We have entered the new year with things seeming eerily familiar; We caught up with our Interior Design expert Emma Brindley to get her insight into how this year is looking regarding Interior trends and in this piece, how spending more time at home Is making us want to create a more functional and comforting space to live.


    1. Adapting rooms or part of a room, adding shelving and bold paint features.

    We’ve been busy pinning and regramming amazing small project ideas, that you can create in your home. One of our fave trends is the combination of decorative shelving with bold paints and shapes to create a stand out feature or focal point in your home.

     ‘Lets be real now...whether you enjoy it or not are all stuck at home! We can't spend on holidays abroad or days out at the moment, so we are investing in little slices of heaven in the home! We love that we can spend time adapting a room or part of a room. I am seeing so many people exploring bold paint and shelving, creating a bit of an abstract feature that really stands out and makes a statement in the home.'


    Utilising storage: de-cluttering and repurposing

    If we’re spending all this time limited to one space we may as well make the most of it right? Well the best way to be content in a space it to have it clean, tidy and relaxing. Organisational trends were big in 2020 (thank you Marie Kondo!) and it looks like they’re here to stay. From creating pantry nooks, to labelling spice jars, it seems people are making their homes as functional as possible.


    ‘We love lots of spring cleaning, de-cluttering, and sustainable living! This trend is great for your mind, wallet and environment! Why not try saving jars and storage pieces and label to create the ultimate pantry your friends will envy over.’


    1. Creating a ‘green room’ adding house plants to bring calmness

    It is no surprise that house plants are still stylish, they are a great way to create simple décor as well as bring a fresh vibe into your home. They are known to increase productivity so if you’re working from home, they might be helping you out!

     'House plants are still huge this year, creating that sense of wellbeing and bringing the outside in.'


    1. Creating rooms outside, garden decoration and seating areas

    Right now summer seems light years away, but we have some garden interior inspiration to look forward to! Similar to last year we will expect to be enjoying the sun mainly from our back gardens and there are plenty of decoration ideas to make a lovely, chill space. We’ve seen fire pits, fairy lights and even outdoor cinemas, staying in might not be all that bad.

    ‘Creating rooms outside is super on trend this year. In 2020 our Instagram was crammed with outdoor kitchens and bars as well as creative living spaces such as little nooks with fairy lights. This will be another huge trend to follow over to this summer. Hot of the press, Olivia's has some stunning garden furniture coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!’


    1. Office nooks, good quality home working.

    We know all too well how working from home can be a challenge, not everyone has a space to dedicate as just an office so we have to make do with little corners around the house. Some people opt for the kitchen table, or maybe an arm of the sofa, This can become inconvenient over time but there are ways to make a space your own.

     ‘Good quality home working is now essential, so we are seeing the great transformations of the smallest of spaces, in order to work from home. You may not have room for a study, so we are seeing lots of mini conversions from part of the kitchen to a dining room office area. This years trend is making it more of a functional long term space, adding feature chairs, plants, accessories and rugs to decorate.’


    Quotes from Interior Designer Emma Brindley

    (Photos sourced via Pinterest)


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