Healthy Home Habits: Cleanse Collection

Healthy Home Habits: Cleanse Collection

Healthy Home Habits: Cleanse 

Olivia’s Healthy Home Habits Collection’s centre around improving your home life by refreshing your interiors with key pieces, creating more space and functionality whilst working towards achieving your dream home aesthetic. Interiors are proven to impact your overall wellbeing and having a comfortable and appealing place to spend your time is key.
Inspiration is made easier with our carefully curated collections to navigate you towards your homeware aspirations, whether you are looking to optimise space and improve on your home organisation or need a bit of an interior refresh with some new classic or trending accessories, our Healthy Home Habits edit is here to help.

Introducing Cleanse…

Our Cleanse collection features a range of hand-picked wall art, mirrors, and statement vases to add the final touches to your home. Enter an interior cleanse by creating the illusion of space and capture natural light by adding mirrors or transform an empty space with a traditional or contemporary wall art piece to bring a fresh perspective to your interiors.

Add mirrors and create the illusion of space

 Mirrors are essential in the home; they create the illusion of a more spacious home setting and can be stand out pieces that elevate your interior style. Our Mirrors range from wall features to large leaner mirrors (great for the perfect selfie!) With various styles, colours, and textures. If you want to uplift your current interiors, a mirror is a simple addition that can wow any guest and make a room feel more multi-dimensional. A tip to remember when figuring out the placement of a mirror, is to consider what it is reflecting and how to best optimise its position so that it complements your interior décor. Avoid placing a mirror where unfinished décor is reflected, or you can see bin storage and unappealing clutter.

1. Neeson Mirror 2. Doubek Vanity Mirror  3. Bowie Octagon Mirror

Refresh with accessories, add coffee table books and vases for a personal touch

You may be at the point where your home interiors need a revamp. We spend a lot of time at home and our style is constantly evolving when it comes to interiors. Sometimes rooms can start to feel a little tired and need something new and refreshing to put some life back into it. Accessories are a good way to make a change without too much planning. They can be swapped around in different areas in your home to give a new look a space. Our cleanse collection has accessory pieces that can be interchangeable depending on the season, as well as being a way to introduce changes in your home without going the extra mile.

Create character with wall art 

Wall art is the perfect way to add character to your interiors and make your space feel personal. Being in a home space that feels like it has your own stamp on it and allows you to enjoy what you’ve achieved and admire the interior design that aligns with what you love. Wall art is packed with expression and can be minimal or maximal depending on your desired style. Abstract wall art matches many interiors, Our Cleanse Collection consists of a mix of neutral coloured art, monochrome prints, and pops of bright colour.