Getting the Boho Vibe in your Home

Getting the Boho Vibe in your Home


Bohemian Interiors remain a popular trend, especially through Pinterest and Instagram Inspiration. It is a style that is versatile and is often described as being eclectic, with a focus on botanical details, lots of texture and pattern and ultimate coziness. Boho is a style that is free spirited and relaxed, there are no set rules to follow when making a boho look. This style is chilled and fun, with exciting colours and textures throughout! Use plenty of pillows and soft furnishings and mix with plants and prints to get the Boho vibe in your space. Here are a few pointers to get you inspired. 


1- Use a variety of textures 

The Boho style is very texture heavy, with the overall looks being busy and maximalist. With the main colour palette being neutral and muted colours, the textures often paired with other elements are fabrics like woven wall hangings, shaggy faux fur cushions and rugs as well as tassels/fringing and wooden furniture. The overall goal with creating a boho vibe is lots of layers that are comforting and represent a chilled-out lifestyle. Other than textures in the soft furnishings, you can find texture in staple pieces too like straw storage baskets/planters and rattan detailed furniture. 


2- mix of patterns 

Patterns are key in Boho interiors, they are what make it fun and eclectic. When deciding on what patterns to go for, try and use a base colour to go from like oranges/browns and then mix with airier colours like whites and creams so not to be too visually overloading. Persian and Turkish rugs are popular in Boho design as they are the centre piece of the room. They are bursting with interesting patterns and can be the influence for other colours in the space.  



  1. Low level seating

This style is very informal compared to other styles like traditional and minimalist. How pieces are displayed stray from being neat and proper. Low level seating is often used to create a feeling of relaxation and a place to wind down. Try bean bag cushions, Moroccan style floor pillows and cushioned poufs. You want to be surrounded by comfort and soft edges. 


  1. plants and then more plants!

Plants are seen throughout Bohemian décor and gives off botanical vibes. Boho is a very earthy, outdoor style so bringing the outdoors in is the way to go. If you find that juggling plant babies is too much maintenance, try incorporating faux plants and leaves around a space to bring in the greenery. Trailing plants used as décor look great draped around mirrors and intertwined with fairy lights. 


  1. A mix of different light sources

Using light to create atmosphere is a key element in the Boho look, use string lights, lanterns and lamps to create warmth. Go for lights and bulbs that are more orange in colour to enhance the warming feel. Using different light sources really heightens the coziness.  



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