Everything you Need for the Ultimate Al Fresco Dining Experience

Everything you Need for the Ultimate Al Fresco Dining Experience

 Al Fresco dining is a big part of entertainment throughout the spring and summer months, with 2020 being the year that really made us appreciate our homes and outdoor space, we made the most of bringing the classic Italian eating style to our own gardens and this is set to continue for spring 2021. Having a special place to spend time outside, eating with friends and enjoying the sun is sacred and there are plenty of ways to maximise your experience, here is a look at what you can do the achieve ultimate Al Fresco dining on your doorstep.

Olivia's Al Fresco picks.

1.Moments grey bench by Cane-Line 2. Peacock day bed by Cane-line 3. Osmond chair by Gallery Direct 4. Teddington bistro table by Gallery Direct 5. Grey footstool by Cane-Line

-Order in your favourite food

If you’re not a big fan of cooking when the sun is out, order in your favourite food and display in your outdoor setting, Al Fresco made easy! If you do like to cook delicious food to enjoy outside there are plenty of recipes to delve into and make out-door dining even more intimate and enjoyable.

Cook light bites like this couscous salad or go all out and create a feast like this peri peri chicken dish.


-Pour some wine

There is nothing like kicking back after a long day, lounging in the garden, enjoying your space. What better way to chill than with a cool glass of wine on a spring evening? The perfect wine for Al Fresco is usually white wine like Pino grigio or Sauvignon blanc, with sweet aromas and fruity undertones, it sets the scene for a spring/summer vibe.  Although right now we can’t escape to Italy and do it proper, we can create a luxurious experience in our own back garden this spring and enjoy the outdoors at ease. If you’re not much of drinker, why not try this sweet recipe for cool lemonade.


(Danaris Gruner Veltliner White Wine 2019)


-Play some music, listen to our Al Fresco playlist to set the mood.

 When dining in the garden, you want to feel chilled out and relaxed. This is a mix of songs that suit being background noise when eating, as well tunes to turn up the volume when the drinks start flowing. With slow jazz and acoustic indie, this mix will get you in the mood to wine and dine in style.



-Light some candles

Whilst the evenings remain dark, you may want to add light to your outdoor space, eating by candlelight can feel special and romantic. You may be eating late and want the night to continue so why not light up your table with some pretty candles or fairy lights.

1Pillar candle by Libra 2. Mayson Hurricane by Eichholtz 3. White pillar candle by Libra 


-Grab a cosy throw

If like us, you are used to unpredictable UK weather and the days and evenings can be quite chilly, having throws to use outdoors allows you to feel snug and able to still enjoy your garden space in cooler temperatures. Snuggle up on a lounge chair with your favourite snacks and watch the sun go down.

 1. Moss knitted throw by Gallery Direct 2. Chenille throw by Gallery Direct.


-Have a fire pit/ chimney ready for a cosy night

So you’ve just finished a lovely meal but you don’t want to retreat back to spending the evening stuck in the house. Having a fire feature in your garden allows you to make the most of the evening and acts as a centre piece for people to gather around, cosy and comfortable. For pudding you can even toast some marsh mellows as an evening treat.