Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

Dulux' Colour of the Year 2021 'Brave Ground', is a name chosen by their team of colour experts to best describe the year ahead. 

Like their paint competitors, Dulux over the years have carved a household name and with their colour of the year, expanded their brand to more than just a paint supplier. With their team of experts, each year they take a look at the latest global trends in every area of life, translating these insights into selecting a defining colour that encapsulates the ‘mood of the moment’. A tone that will impact homes all over the world.

We have taken a look at the story behind this year's chosen shade and like Pantone, there is an obvious theme. Dulux describes their approach to this year's selection by digging deep into the topic of self reflection and an understanding of ‘what really matters in life’. With people all over the world reassessing what is important to them. Brave Ground signifies ‘A positive way forward by having faith in ourselves’.

Brave ground is a versatile shade, being a natural earthy tone it gives room for other colours to stand out. Similar to their 2019 colour of the year ‘Spiced Honey’, The shade of 2021 is more powerful than ever, spiced honey at surface view is easily comparable, however Brave ground carries a more in depth meaning to how colour can really define a moment in time.

We absolutely love this year's selection and know that it can be used easily in any interior style or space.

Here are a couple of ideas on how you can incorporate this colour or similar shades into your home

-Combine with classic colours to create balance in a space

Create a Kim Kardashian-West esque interior with neutral shades and timeless tones, Brave Ground can be incorporated nicely into the minimalist style. 

1.Gabor Chair by Liang & Eimil 2. Raffles Sideboard by Andrew Martin3. Pendant Light by Gallery Direct 4. Dinant Dining Chair by Eicholtz 5. Apuila Canvas Cushion by Andrew Martin 6.Sasha Sofa by Liang & Eimil

-Mix colour of the year with warmer shades

Mix Dulux’ colour of the year with warm tones to bring positive vibes to your space, warm mustards and oranges look amazing with Brave ground, shop out Olivia’s picks to make this classy aesthetic.

1.Leoni Antique Wall Light by Heathfield & Co 2. Wentworth Rug by Gallery Direct 3.Dinner Candle Set by Libra 4. Abstract Composition Print by Liang & Eimil 5. Aspen Sofa by Liang & Eimil

We adore this neutral trend and can't wait to get started incorporating it into our own homes! Are you going to take inspiration from this years Dulux colour of the year?