Dressing your Console Table for 2021

Dressing your Console Table for 2021

Console tables are a great way to create a section of your home to accessorise according to your personal style. It allows you to be creative with decoration and dress up depending on the season. We have seen a lot of cool and quirky console tables and sideboards around Christmas and Halloween that make a statement. It is also an opportunity to go all out for summer and winter styling, using accessories, flowers and stand out pieces like mirrors and artwork to layer up and make a beautiful, Instagrammable area. Here are some tips on how to make the most of dressing your console table for 2021. 


1- The accessories

Accessorising your console table is all down to personal preference, you want your home to reflect your style and personality. If you have a console table but aren’t sure what to dress it with, there are plenty of pieces to layer up and make it look attractive. Try glass wear like vases and candle holders, along with stone ornaments and dried flowers. An easy style choice is to use books for accessorising, this is a trend seen all over Pinterest. Try gathering books together that are colour coordinated, or with pretty covers like fashion or photography books. 


  1. Feature pieces

Using a feature piece on your console table to work around is an easy way to build up accessories to create the look you are going for. Try having a mirror in the centre, either mounted to the wall or in a leaning position, then gather accessories around it. When looking through Pinterest we can see that rounded mirrors are often used when dressing console tables as they are on trend and create balance. Using artwork or framed prints as a feature piece is also a great way to express personal style or follow a particular pattern or colour palette. 


 3- Composition

When dressing a piece of furniture, it can be hard to decide how much you want to go with accessorising, you can either go the eclectic route with lots of layers, or more of a minimal approach with accessories spread out evenly over the surface. Whatever your desired style, it is important to understand good composition so that your console table doesn’t become cluttered. Try experimenting with layering, standing back and deciding what looks good, keep moving things around until you are happy with the overall look. For more minimal styling, keep a simple colour palette, with neutral tones and natural textures like stone ceramics and clear glass ornaments. 


  1. styling your console table with purpose

If you bought your console table with the purpose as using it in your hallway or dining room, you might be thinking of making use of this area for storage, a place to keep your keys or table wear. For this you can find cute storage boxes to layer on the lower shelves, plate holders to display your finest dinner sets and ceramic dishes/pots to hold your keys. 

Here are some Olivia's picks for styling your console table! get accessorising 

1.Pippard console table by Gallery Direct 2. Round mirror by Native Home 3. Gold leaf canvas by Liang & Eimil 4. Tall glass vase by Libra 5. Ceramic vase by Libra 6. Bloom vase by Zuiver


(inspiration images sourced from Pinterest)