Candle Hands - New In

Candle Hands - New In

We’ve recently added this cool and quirky collection to our site, candles made to make a statement! Candle Hand is a company who hand craft bold, colourful candle designs, carefully created with unique packaging and a purpose to add powerful style and personality to your interiors. Each gesture is to suit the individual and their style, made from high quality paraffin wax, 100% hand made and all have a burn time of between 1-12 hours.  Here is a look at the designs and the meaning behind the gestures.


-The anything but subtle F*YOU candle

This design packs the punch with its obvious gesture, expressing it all. whether it be your mood, your opinion. This candle will make a big statement on your shelf and get people talking. It smells great and would make a perfect gift. It comes in black which will sit nicely in a monochrome setting and also a nice teal shade.


-The Victory candle 

All designs are moulded to real hands and this one is a peace sign fit for any boho setting. Available in a bright yellow tone, this gesture radiates good energy and would add a bright and optimistic addition to your interiors. Adding warmth and fun to your space.


-The retro ‘YOU ROCK’ hand gesture

 Whether you’re a music enthusiast, 70’s lover or just rock at life, this one is for you. A classic punk gesture that gives an edge to your candle collection.