With many of us dreaming about a 5* getaway, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest interior trends for A/W ‘21 is creating a boutique hotel boudoir at home. This decadent aesthetic is perfect for anyone looking to add a luxe feel to the home, with unique decor that instantly transports them to their favourite relaxing retreat.

What is boutique hotel style?

Boutique hotels have become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades, shunning the uniform nature of the larger hotel chains and embracing quirky decor and luxury aesthetics. A boutique hotel room embraces glamour and 5* style, both in terms of the decor choices and the services offered. Luxury should ooze from every corner of the room, from the materials used to the furniture and accessories that provide those all-important finishing touches.

How to recreate boutique hotel style in your home

At Olivia’s, our style experts are constantly sourcing luxurious materials, unique furnishings and quirky decorative pieces that lend themselves perfectly to the boutique trend. The key to incorporating this aesthetic in your home is to really pay attention to what you’re bringing into the space. You want your bedroom to reflect you still, not be a carbon copy of a hotel room you have stayed in before. The devil really is in the small intricate details that make this such an exciting trend, and if you’re looking to really embrace it, here are some of our top tips for creating a 5* sanctuary.

The upholstery is key for a boutique hotel style bedroom. Take care to look for fabrics that are luxurious yet comfortable enough for you to be able to relax and enjoy a great nights’ sleep. High-quality bedding is a must along with cosy throws and blankets in soft cotton or luxurious faux fur for those winter nights. Look for neutral shades such as soothing oatmeal, beige, white and greige. This Chenille Throw is a perfect addition to any boutique boudoir.

Wall art should be striking and perfectly tied into the concept of the room. Look for statement pieces that incorporate key colour shades in the room. Lighting is also key here; place wall lights and lamps close to the artwork to illuminate them and create a stunning focal feature in the room. For a neutral yet beautiful piece of art that could slot into any boutique space, why not consider the Serenity Wall Art?
This beautifully modern canvas wall art is made versatile by the neutral colours used within, such as cool grey, smooth white and beige, and the gold finish frame. Paired with statement table lamps, it’s a stunning feature for any bedroom.

Opt for furniture that offers both purpose and style. A stylish velvet chaise longue or bench at the foot of the bed is ideal for adding additional seating space to the room and being a great place to store decorative items such as coffee table books, throws and cushions. Statement bedside tables are another great way to add a sense of luxury and mystique to your space. Look for pieces with unusual materials or contrasting finishes to replicate that quirky, 5* boutique appeal.

Although you should try to avoid clutter in your bedroom, decorative accessories are the perfect finishing touches for this aesthetic. Opt for pieces that exude luxury in materials such as agate, mirrored glass, natural wood or brushed metallics. We love the simplistic luxury of this gold Paisley sculpture!
Our new Boutique Collection is the perfect place to find unique pieces that perfectly match the boutique hotel trend.

To create a boutique hotel boudoir that you’ll never want to check out of, make sure you explore our entire home accessories collection today. With unique styles and pieces that will instantly elevate your space, the only problem will be stopping with just one room!




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