A/W 2021 Interior Predictions

A/W 2021 Interior Predictions

As surprising as it sounds, we’re quickly approaching the end of 2021. As summer draws to a close, we’re looking towards the new seasons to bring us a whole host of contemporary interior design trends. Our style experts always have their ears to the ground when it comes to the latest must-haves for your home. Here’s what they predict will be hitting our homes in A/W 2021. 

Sage Green


One of the biggest colour trends to emerge over the last year is sage green. We’ve seen it dominate outdoor spaces; whether it’s through fence painting or front door colours, it’s fair to say sage green is having its moment! In A/W 2021, we predict that sage green will make its move into the home. Sage green kitchens are already providing to be a hit over on Instagram, with many people updating their own kitchen cupboards with this countryside inspired hue. Sage green is a great colour choice for those looking to create a calming space in the home. Soft furnishings in this shade are an ideal way to get ahead of the trend, so look for cushions, throws and blankets to start adding this colour to your space. 

Indoor rattan


Rattan is not just for outdoor furniture (although we love our rattan outdoor dining sets!). This versatile material is starting to make its way into our interiors. As we enter A/W, we expect to see more of this natural material, from rattan accent chairs to rattan lampshades and cabinets. One of our favourite ways to incorporate rattan into the home is through statement pieces. The Olivia’s Cali Wardrobe is a stunning example of this material being used to elevate a classic piece. The rattan front constraints beautifully with the dramatic black wood, creating an overall effect that won’t go out of style. If you’re not ready to fully embrace rattan, why not add a few decorative items to your space to test it out? A rattan lantern candle holder is a great way to dip your toe into this trend. 

Back to earth


Grey may have dominated the paint palettes for the last few years, but we expect to see warm, earthy tones make a welcome return to our walls. These warm neutrals are perfect for those looking for something a bit different in A/W 2021. Hues such as jute, oatmeal and linen will become the go-to shades for understated living areas, while bolder accent colours such as terracotta add extra layers to this earth-inspired aesthetic. Get ahead of this trend with these beautiful Broste candle holders in linen, terracotta and walnut. Ideal for outdoor use, you can immediately see why our interiors are about to warm up!


Furniture with texture 

We see a shift towards furniture with added textural elements. Ridged designs are fast becoming the new go-to for people wanting statement interior pieces, whether a cabinet, a chair or a larger piece like a wardrobe. Instead of smooth panels, these pieces incorporate new layers or materials to play with 3D, adding decorative elements that wouldn’t ordinarily have been there. This stunning Libra Beaulieu Mindi Buffet Cabinet Wood is a perfect example of this trend. The linear wood detailing makes this piece stand out, and it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a focal point in a living area. 


Will our predictions come true? We’ll have to wait and see, but we’re pretty confident that A/W 2021 will be a hit when it comes to interior design. To get ahead of the trends, check out our latest home accessories range for stunning interior styles.